The Day in 2004 that the Thais Dropped 100 Million Paper Birds,Origamis,to get Peace with the Muslim Terrorists

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About the Muslim terrorist campaign in Thailand

It began in 2004 and still continues.So far 5,500 people,mostly innocent civilians,have been killed by them.Thailand is a country with 66 million people,95% are nominally Buddhist,1% is Christian and 4%(in the far south) is Muslim.

But it is also a country that is the world center of prostitution with 500,000 prostitutes and 5.1 million sex tourists per year.

The death of 80 Muslim civilians by Thai soldiers

By late 2004 already 500 people had been killed by the terrorists.After demonstrations near the Thai-Malaysian border, 80 Muslim protesters suffocated when they were taken into custody and piled one on top of another into army trucks.At first the governement offered weak excuses that it was not its fault.

The Origami Bird Campaign of December 2004

1.The then Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra,as a result of the massacre,two later asked the Thai people to make paper origami birds to drop in the Muslim south as a peace gesture.The Thai people responded,ordinary Thais across the nation folded and wrote peace messages on the paper cranes.

2.And so the Thai government dropped one hundred million paper origami birds using military planes.The 100 million paper birds were released yesterday on the birthday of Thailand’s revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej as a goodwill gesture.

3.School children rushed out to collect them because one paper bird in particular had been signed by the prime minister himself.Mr Thaksin had promised that the student who found it would win a scholarship.

The response of the terrorists:more deaths

They were not in the least impressed and continued killing Buddhist civilians.

More on  Thailand

Here is about the Temple of the Tigers where Buddhist monks live in peace with 11 tigers,though there is the accusation that the tigers are drugged.

Here is about Lopburi,the Monkey City of Thailand

Two thousand monkeys live there,inside the city and it has become a tourist attraction.

Once a year they have a Monkey Festival where they leave food for the monkeys on tables as gratitude for the money they bring.


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  • winoceros

    Saw the monkey place used for the movie “Mortal Kombat” Expect nothing from organized Muslims but oppression and death and you will never be disappointed.