About Mary Jo Sharp,Christian Scholar,and the Need to Verify what Muslim Intellectuals say

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Mary Jo Sharp is an American who has debated Muslims,more specifically Tabassum Hussain and Ehtesham Gulam.You can see them in youtube.She is a Christian and her website is “Confident Christianity”.


The point here is that Muslim intellectuals or “intellectuals” often say things like:

1.Jesus and the pagan god Mithras were both born of a virgin.

2.Jesus and Mithras were both killed and resurrected,etc,etc.And it is not true.

This is serious since it shows how reliable or unreliable they are as scholars.Since they get such basic things wrong then you can’t trust them to be reliable on Islam.You have to verify and reverify.

“Did Jesus exist and Jesus being like Mithras”

“Is the Story of Jesus just like Horus,an Egyptian god”?

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