Collection of Articles about Islam in Europe

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First of all

The 2 best websites with the most reliable and extensive information that is critical of Islam and Muhammad are: (Christian siteweb)

2.Wikislam(2,500 articles)

1.”Why the West Really has a Greco-Roman/Judeo-Christian Heritage and why the West Really has No Islamic-Muslim Heritage at All”

2.”Fritz (Frederick) Haber,Jewish-German Genius,the Jews and the Koran”

3.”The story about Turandot,a Chinese Princess and Calaf,a Muslim Prince”

4.”Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa(1170-1250),Greatest European Mathematician of the Middle Ages,and the Muslim World”

5.”The World of Our Imagination:Three Historical Figures(King Arthur,Emperor Barbarossa,the 12th Imam-Mahdi) who Never Died,and are Still Alive”

6.”Aucassin and Nicolette”(12th-13th century),a Literary Chef d’Oeuvre about a Christian and an Ex-Muslim”


7.”Saladin(1138-1193) in Western literature,Part I”

8.”Saladin(1138-1193) in Western Literature,Part 2″

Notre-Dame de Paris

9.”About the Novel “The Mosque of Notre-Dame de Paris,Year 2048″(2005) by Russian Writer Elena Chudinova”

10.”The Saga of the Knights Templars,who fought the Muslims,and the Possibility they Reached America in 1362″

11.”The False Conversion to Islam by Henryk Broder,the Most Famous Jewish Intellectual in Germany”

12.”The Tradition that in 1676 the Cossacks wrote a Very Insulting Letter to the Ottoman Sultan”

13.”The Saga of Magdi Allam,from Italy’s Most Famous Muslim Intellectual to Christian”


14.”The Strange Case of Rushdie Converting to Islam and then saying it was a Pretense”

15.”The Four Most Famous False Conversions to Islam,and a Possible Fifth Case”

16.”Sven Kalisch,German Convert and Professor,and David Myatt,Ex-NeoNazi Leader,have left Islam”

17.”Sinan,the Greatest Architect of all Time of the Ottoman Empire,was a Christian who at 21 was Forced to become a Muslim”



18.”Skanderbeg,Albanian Prince,pretended to be Muslim for more than 20 years,Retracted and fought the Turks”

19.”Video where Richard Dawkins,Famous Atheist Scientist, who is Anti-Islam,calls it a Great Evil”

20.”Oriana Fallaci,Italian Feminist,Atheist,Probably the World’s Most Famous Journalist,was Anti-Islam”

21.”Watch the Debate between Maryam Namazie,Atheist,ex-Muslim from Iran and Ahmadi Muslims about “Does Sharia Law Negate Human Rights?””

22.”Watch Soliman,Stornhaug and Jakobsen debate(with my Analysis of it):”Is Islam a Threat to the West?””


23.”The Armenian Genocide,done by the Muslim Turks,in World Literature,by Jewish Writers Franz Werfel and Edgar Hilsenrath”

24.”800 Italian Men Beheaded in Otranto in 1480 for Refusing Islam,by the Turks, with the Approval of Sultan Mehmet II”

25.”Theodora,Greatest Woman of the Byzantine Empire,and a Comparison between Justinian,her Husband,and Sultan Suleiman”


26.”Sultan Mehmet II invites Gentile Bellini,Venetian Painter,to Istanbul,and why Bellini left his Court”

27.”Videos about the 55% of Pakistani Muslims in the UK who are married to their First Cousin,and the Resulting Medical Disaster”

28.”Houria Bouteldja,spokesperson for PIR,the French Party that Publicly Supports Hamas and Hezbullah”

There is also:

1.”Video where Richard Dawkins,Famous Atheist Scientist,says he is a “Cultural Christian”

2.”Theodor Herzl and His Ideology of Zionism:the Truth about His Ideas”


3.”The Golden Age of the Jews in Poland,from 1334-1795,about 450 Years”

4.”Oriana Fallaci(1929-2006),Italian Journalist,Atheist and Feminist,who was Anti-Islam,also said she was a Christian Atheist”

5.”Around 50 Christian Women as Supreme Rulers in Europe before the 20th Century,from Portugal to Russia,Part 1″

6.”Christian Women as Supreme Rulers,about 50 in All,before the 20th Century,Part 2″

7.”Christian Women as Supreme Rulers before the 20th Century,about 50 in All,Part 3″

8.”Christian Women as Supreme Rulers before the 20th Century,Part 4″

Also read:

Collection of All the Articles about Islam and the Spanish and Portuguese-Speaking World(for Facilitating the Research of the Reader)”

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