Thirteen photos of the Gigantic,Islamic-Style Arch,that is in Lima,Peru,a Unique Case

| November 25, 2012 | Comments (1)

It is in the city of Lima, capital of Peru, in South America

1.It’s really the only monument of its kind in Latin America.The story is this, it was built by the Spanish colony of Lima in 1924 and originally on a Lima street.But the arch with the two minarets was destroyed in 1938 because it was an obstacle to automobile circulation in the area.

2.In 2001 they made an exact replica but in a park.

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  • Porkys2istan

    The article has too many idioms and colloquialisms that google translate fails utterly. I guess the question is; Does the arch celebrate Spain’s expulsion of the Moors, or does it celebrate the Moors as brethren in anti-Spanish colonialism?

    Does it really matter? The little crosses on the fake minarets cancel any residual ‘Mohammedan spiritual taint’. I suppose they could add some Jesuses, some Marys, and a side of ham just to make sure. ;)