Watch the Fascinating Video “Secrets of the Dead:Escape from Auschwitz”

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A bit about the story

1.There have been few escapes from Auschwitz,which from 1942-1944(the year it ended)killed 1.3 million died(90% of them Jewish).

2.The documentary is about 2 Jewish men who decided to escape not just to save their lives but to tell the world about the genocide.So the genocide would be stopped.

3.One of them had an astonishing memory and knew the names of many Jews killed,the day of their arrival,dates about the transports,etc.The Jewish leaders of Slovakia at first did not believe him,genocide was impossible,they tested him, and his photographic memory of facts convinced them.

4.A report was made and at the time Hungary(1944),Hitler’s ally,ceded to his pressure to let the Germans deport the country’s 800,000 Jews.The decision was made  NOT to tell Hungary’s Jews that the trains were taking them to death.Why?


5.Rudolf Kastner((1906–1957),a Hungarian Jew,thought he could stop the deportations by convincing Eichmann,the man in charge of the Holocaust,that the Allies were willing trade goods for Jewish lives.Kastner thought if the Jews told the world about what the 2 witnesses had said it would ruin the secret negociation.It failed,all Kastner got was saving 1,700 Jews who left for Switzerland,that is known as the “Kastner train”.The Jewish escapee with the photographic memory was embittered,he was convinced hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved if the world had been told.

6.About 400,000 Hungarian Jews were saved because the Allies bombed Budapest.It was a coincidence,it was NOT because of the genocide of Hungary’s Jews at all.But Hungary’s leader thought it was and he stopped the deportations.

And here is Qaradawi,Islam’s most famous religious scholar,praising Hitler and the Holocaust

Al-Jazeera is supposed to be like the BBC or CNN but it is not.For several years Qaradawi has a weekly program there(even after praising the Holocaust) that is watched by at least 30 million.

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