About Saparmurat Niyazov(1940-2006),the Turkmen and Muslim President who wrote a Book that he said was the Equal of the Koran

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Who are the people of Turkmenistan?

They are a Turkic people of Central Asia. In Persian  the word “stan” means “garden,land,country” and so Turkemnistan is the “land of the Turkmens”.and there are several Turkic peoples in the world,they are;

1.The Turks of Turkey

2.The Uighurs of Sinkiang,China (40% of the population)

3.The Kirghiz of Kirghizstan

4.The Kazakhs of Kazakhstan

5.The Uzbeks of Uzbekistan

6.The Azerbaiyanis of Azerbaiyan

7.The Qashqai of Iran

8.The Tatars of the Crimea,Ukraine

9.From 750-1000 there was even a Turkic kingdom where many or most of the Turkic people had adopted Judaism.The aristocracy was Jewish and it was the kingdom of the Kazaks.

Kemal Ataturk

The greatest man produced by the Turkic peoples was an Apostate of Islam

He was Kemal Ataturk(1881-1938) ,read:

“Evidence Ataturk,Creator of Modern Turkey,Greatest Man produced by the Turkic Peoples,was an Apostate of Islam”


“Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and the Creation of Modern Turkey,Part 1″


“Ataturk and the Creation of Modern Turkey,Part 2″


Saparmurat Niyazov(1940-2006),the Muslim man who wrote a Book to be given equal status with the Koran

1.He was a Turkmen politician,who was first a long-time Communist,an atheist,and who later served as President (later President for Life,starting in 1999) of Turkmenistan from 1990 till his death in 2006. After the fall of Communism he said he was a Muslim.

2.He was the first president of Turkmenistan and ruled for 15 years,during which time there was a cult of personality regarding him.

3.Muslims are 93% of the population of Turkmenistan.Before Turkmenistan was part of the Soviet Union and all religious beliefs were attacked by the communists. Most religious schooling and religious observance were banned, and the vast majority of mosques were closed.Later Niyazov ordered that basic Islamic principles be taught in public schools.

There is even a gigantic monument to the Ruhnama in Ashgabat,the capital

Niyazov wrote a religious book called “Ruhnama/Book of the Soul”,volume 1 in 2001 and volume 2 in 2004

The book contains:

1.Spiritual and moral guidance,moral, family, social and religious norms for modern Turkmens, philosophy and about life conduct.

2.Many stories and poems.

3,It gives a positive image of the Turkmen people, a heroic interpretation of their history.

How the Ruhnama/Book of the Soul came to dominate life in Turkmenistan

It ocurred gradually,little by little.Niyazov first placed copies in the nation’s schools and libraries.

Then it became mandatory to read the Ruhnama in schools, universities and governmental organizations. The book came to form the basis of the educational system in Turkmenistan and students were encouraged to memorize it.The work was the main component of education from primary school to university. New governmental employees were tested on the book at job interviews.

It was given equal status with the Koran and mosques were required to display the two books side by side. After some imams refused to comply,saying it would be blasphemous, the state reportedly demolished some mosques.

It was part of Niyazov’s personality cult and the government required bookstores and government offices to display it prominently.Finally an exam on its teachings was part of the exam to get a driver’s licence.

The Ruhnama after the death of Niyazov

After the death of Niyazov, its popularity remained high and was still very important but in 2011 the Ruhnama was removed as a mandatory subject in Turkmen schools.

To read the Ruhama


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