Two Videos by Lioness of Allah,a UK Muslim Girl, that Talk about,in Effect, Fighting the Israelis

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In the first video one gets a general message,citing Koranic verses, to fight against oppresion.But,as Socrates( 469-399 BCE),using the Socratic Method,would have said:

“What is your definition of oppresion?Hiow do we determine what counts as oppresion?”

In the second video one sees she is against Israel,which really does not oppress the Palestinians,and when it does,allegorically speaking, it is to prevent the killing of innocent Israeli civilians.

Her blog is here

Watch the Video “Stop Choking on the Koran”

Here is the video “Lioness of Allah Shames Imam at Jummah”

She speaks out in a mosque before the Muslim religious leader,saying to help the Palestinians.

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