The Legend in Spain of the Tribute of 100 Christian Virgins per Year to the Muslims

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The tribute of 100 virgins

There is the story,considered by most not to be historical but by others as possible, that for a time the Muslim ruler of the emirate of Spain received 100 virgins per year to be sex-slaves, from the Christian kingdom in the north,called the kingdom of Asturias.That kingdom later expanded and changed name to the kingdom of Leon.

The king of Asturias and the Tribute of the 100 Virgins

1.In 783, Mauregato (bastard son of king Alfonso I of Asturias) acquired the throne of Asturias with the help of AbderRahman I,emir of Muslim Spain.As a reward he agrees to every year give the Muslims 100 girls.

2.This continued till 788 when Counts Don Arias and Don Oveco rebelled against king Mauregato and killed him in revenge.

3.King Bermudo I, his successor, ended the tribute of 100 girls and replaced it with money and later Alfonso II (791-842) rejected the financial tribute.The Muslims declared war and the Asturian king won.

The Tribute of 100 Virgins is Reestablished

Later emir Abd ar-Raḥmān II (ruled 822–852),in the last days of King Ramiro I of Asturias,demanded that tribute again.The Asturian king was in a weak position and agreed.There is a legend that the town of Simancas delivered the 7 girls it had to give but with their hands cut off.

The battle to end the tribute and how St,James,brother of John the Apostle,became the Patron Saint of Spain

There was the battle of Clavijo in 844,which is considered to probably be legend.The reason is the only documentary evidence is from the Chronicle of Jiménez de Rada,archbishop of Toledo,in 1243.That does not mean there is no historical basis but that there is legend.The reason for the creation of this legend would have been to encourage the population to fight against Muslim jihad.

Ramiro I had a dream in which St. James appeared telling him of a victory.The next day in battle St.James appeared on a white horse and defeated the Muslims and the tribute of 100 virgins was abolished.From then St.James was given the tile Santiago Matamoros(St.James Moor-Slayer).

Who was St.James?

As mentioned before he was the brother of John the Apostle.In fact James was one of the original 12 apostles and he was killed in 44 AD.

Acts 12:1-2:

“It was about this time that King Herod arrested some who belonged to the church, intending to persecute them.He had James, the brother of John, put to death with the sword.”

The Historical Basis for the Legend

The battle of Clavijo would be a mythification of the battle of Albelda.In the Najera Chronicle by the Spaniards we know Ramiro I fought militarily against the Muslims.And the Chronicle of AbderRahman II also say there were military campaigns in the area.The Asturian chronicles say Ordoño I,the son of Ramiro I,laid siege to the city of Albelda and established himself on Mt.Laturce,in the same place where the battle of Clavijo ocurred,Archeological evidence shows that there was alot of fighting in Albelda.Ordoño I fought AbderRahman II where Clavijo is situated.

The Vow of Santiago

In gratitude,according to the story,Ramiro I made it obligatory on the Christians of the area to make a regular pilgrimage to the supposed tomb of St.James,in Santiago de Compostela,Galicia,Spain.

The Alcazar of Seville and the Patio of the 100 Maidens

1.Al-cazar is Arabic for “the palace”.The Almohades were the first to build a palace on the site of the modern day Alcázar.But most of the palace is Spanish additions done using Muslim artisans.

2.It is almost as impressive as the Alhambra of Granada,and it looks very similar to it.It was enlarged by Pedro I of Castille in 1364 and became his palace.There are inscriptions in it describing Peter I as a “sultan”.

3.There is an area in the palace called “Patio de las Doncellas/The Courtyard of the Maidens”, and it refers to the story that the Muslimss demanded 100 virgins every year.

See 105 photos of the Alcazar of Seville,it looks like the Alhambra

There is a Real Basis for the Legend

Sexual-slavery of Christian women has been practiced by Muslims for 1400 years and it is authorized in the Koran.


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