Video and Statistics on Honor Killings against Women by Muslims

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What is an honor killing?

It is a crime in response to a behavior perceived as having brought dishonor to a family. Most victims are women.These crimes are typically carried out by members of the family of the victim or by the community.An honor killing, unlike a crime of passion, is premeditated.

An honor killing is not the same as a crime of passion(also called crime passionnel)

The crime of passion is a murder whose motive is passion/jealousy.The victim is usually the loved one or lover of the killer.

The statistics on Crimes of Honor/Honor Killings

1.About 5,000 women are killed each year worldwide in honor killings,according to the UN.

2.Also 91% of the crimes are perpetrated by Muslims,according to the UN.

3.In Europe it is 96%.

It is obvious that this is a very specific problem of the Muslim community.

Watch the video

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