Debate between Michael Licona and Yusuf Ismail on “Did Jesus die by Crucifixion in the 1st Century?”

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The Koran specifically says in Chapter 4:156-159 that Jesus never died.All the historical evidence is he died.From a historical point of view(not one based on faith in the Koran) there is no real evidence he survived.

Yet Yusuf Ismail here tries to show,without success,that there is historical evidence.

Who is Michael Licona?

Michael Licona is an awesome Christian scholar,a Phd.His doctoral thesis was 100,000 words and 700 pages about the resurrection of Jesus as being the best historical option considering all historical methods.

He has done several debates that are in and elsewhere,with Bart Ehrman(ex-Christian,now agnostic),Dan Barker(ex-Christian,now atheist),Shabir Ally and Ali Ataie(Muslims),Richard Carrier(atheist).Licona’s website is here:

Here is the Debate

Awesome Imaginary Debate by Michael Licona:a Debate between Paul and Muhammad about the Resurrection of Jesus

It is the first and so far the only book of its kind.Two historical figures do a formal debate live on TV,with a moderator in front of a live audience of tens of thousands.The book shows how the debate proceeds and in the end it is left to the reader to decide who was more convincing.Here are the contents of the book “Paul Meets Muhamad:a Christian-Muslim Debate on the Resurrection”(2006):

1.Paul’s Opening Statement

2.Muhammad’s Opening Statement

3.Paul’s Rebuttal

4.Muhammad’s Rebuttal

5.Discussion Period:Part 1….followed by Discussion Period Part 2,3,4,5,6 and 7 (where moderator asks questions)

6.Muhammad’s Closing Statement

7.Paul’s Closing Statrement

8.Moderator’s Conclusion



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