The First Declaration of the Aboliton of Black Slavery,in Mexico in 1642,by the Man who Inspired Zorro

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In the 1,400 years that slavery has existed in the Muslim world not one Muslim ever thought of freeing the slaves.You see the contrary in Western civilization,like in the case of William Lamport.

Who was William Lamport (1615–1659)?

1.He was an Irish adventurer who according to at least one historian had the nickname of El Zorro, the Fox, due to his exploits in Mexico. Accoring to Italian scholar Fabio Troncatelli in a 1999 book,Zorro was inspired by a real historical figure,that of William Lamport.Lamport claimed to be the half-brother of the king of Spain Philip IV,something utterly false.Troncatelli researched for 25 years.

2.William Lamport was very brilliant and was born in Ireland to a Catholic family. He received a Catholic education from Jesuits in Dublin and London. By the time he was 21 he spoke 14 languages.

3.In 1627 Lamport was arrested in London for distributing Catholic pamphlets. He escaped, left Britain for Spain and became a pirate for two years.

4.In 1633 he joined a Spanish-sponsored Irish regiment and took part of the combat against Swedish forces in the Netherlands. He claims to have been responsible for the military plan that won the Battle of Nordlingen in 1634,in favor of Spain.Lamport attracted the interest of the Duke of Olivares, chief minister to Philip IV of Spain and he went to Spain and changed his name to Guillén Lombardo.

Lamport plans to free Mexico from Spain

He was exiled from Spain because of a scandalous love affair and was sent to Mexico in 1640 as a spy for the Spanish king.He realized the horrible oppression of the Indians and black slaves in Mexico. Lamport was so shocked by what he saw in Mexico that he decided he could do a better job than the Spaniards.His ideas were in advance of his time and he wrote a Declaration of Independence with astonishing ideas.

Arrested by the Inquisition

1.But the Mexican inquisition discovered his plans and arrested him In 1642. He was sentenced to ten years in jail. He escaped in 1650 and survived just two days as a fugitive.His escape was so spectacular that many thought the Devil helped him.In that spectacular escape he was similar to the fictional Zorro.

2.On the night of his escape he posted anti-Inquisition pamphlets and graffiti on walls all over Mexico City. That is similar to the fictional Zorro leaving a page with a denunciation of the government on doors at night.

In 1659 the Mexican Inquisition condemned him to death as a heretic and sentenced him to be burned at the stake. Legend says that he struggled out of his ropes before he would burn to death and strangled himself by his iron collar.

About the Creation of Zorro

1.Mexican writer Vicente Palacio Riva read the Inquisition archives and found out about Lamport, who inspired his book “Memories of an Imposter”(1872).The evidence is Johnston McCulley,the creator of Zorro,read the book and wrote “The Curse of Capistrano”(1919),the first Zorro book.

2.Later on Zorro was the inspiration for the creator of Batman.

The Declaration of the Independence of Mexico and the Abolition of Slavery by Zorro

William Lamport’s declaration is really astonishing:

1.It is more radical that the American Declaration of Independence of 1776,almost 140 years later.

2.Lamport promised land reform to help the poor.

3.He delcared the abolition of slavery,something the US document did not do.There were many black slaves in Mexico then.

4.He also declared equality of opportunity and racial equality.Racial equality was not included in the US Declaration of Independence.

5.He also said he would establish a democratically elected monarch,and with himself as a candidate for the postion of King of Mexico.

For those reasons Lamport is considered one of the heroes of Mexican independence from Spain and there is a statue to him in Mexico City.

See this Great Video about Lamport and his Zorro-like Adventures(“Mystery File:Zorro”)

Zorro/Fox in literature

Chilean writer Isabel Allende (born in 1942) has written a fine novel about Zorro in 2005 where Zorro,contrary to the other books,is a mestizo,half-white-half-American Indian.He is the son of a Spanish soldier and an Amerindian girl from California.They get married and Zorro is their son.Isabel Allende is the niece of Chilean president Salvador Allende(1908-1973),who was overthrown by Pinochet,on September 11,1973.

Her best and most famous novel is “The House of the Spirits” (1982).She has also written:

“Kingdom of the Golden Dragon” (2004)

“Forest of the Pygmies” (2005)

“Ines of My Soul” (2006)

“The Island Beneath the Sea” (2010)



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