Proof the Idea Saladin(1138-1193),the Muslim Conqueror of Jerusalem,was the Incarnation of Chivalry is a Myth Worth Nothing

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About the Idealization of Saladin in the West and by Muslims

In the West and among Muslims there is the myth that Saladin,the Kurdish conqueror of Jerusalem in 1187 was the incarnation of chivalry.It is not merited because of what we know regarding his conquest of Jerusalem.

1.Saladin intended to massacre the inhabitants of Jerusalem as revenge for the massacre of about 20,000 Muslims there by the Crusaders in 1099.This is told by none less than Muslim historian Ibn Al-Athir (1160-1233), who participated in the war of Saladin,he was a contemporary of the man.His wrote a history of the world called “Al-Kamil fi at-Tarikh (The Complete History)”,where he describes Saladin.

He wrote in his history that Saladin said to the Christians:

“We will deal with you just as you dealt with the population of Jerusalem when you took it in 1099, with murder and enslavement and other such savageries!””

2.He did not because the leader of the Christians there,Balian of France,threatened to kill all the Muslims he had,about 3,000, and destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque(which at that time was not being used as a mosque).

3.It was then agreed each Christian would pay a certain amount to be allowed to leave the city.But a large number could not pay and were made slaves by Saladin.

4.It is stated that Saladin’s brother took pity on the slaves,asked Saladin to give him 1,000 and immediately freed them.

5.However there was not enough money for all and 15,000 Christians were sold by Saladin into slavery.No chivalry there.

Dragging the Cross through the Streets tied to a Horse’s Tail

1.Also,on entering Jerusalem Saladin tied a cross to a horse’s tail and had it dragged through the streets.I wonder why the Western media does not procalim that. And if a European king had down the same to a Koran? Have it dragged through the streets of Paris or London? Then Western intellectuals would be condemning it every month in public.

2.Saladin had also done the same thing before,he had tied a cross to a horse’s tail and dragged it through the streets of Damascus.

It was even worse in Damascus

How to say it?The cross dragged in Damascus had been captured from the Christians by Saladin and he knew that it was considered to be part of the authentic and true cross that held Jesus,it was a holy relic. I wonder why those who defend Saladin in the West are so silent on that detail?



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