The Custom of Several Muslim Dynasties of Killing your own Royal Brothers after the Ruler Dies

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Three famous Muslim dynasties of modern times were notorious for brother killing brother to have the throne.You never saw such a level of barbarism in non-Muslim Europe.Those 3 dynasties were the Ottoman,the Safavid (in Iran) and the Moghul (in India) dynasties.Here are the details for the Ottomans.

The Ottoman Case

Example 1

In history there have been 2 battles in Kosovo,which means “blackbirds”,one in 1389 and one in 1448.The battle of Kossovo in 1389 was between the Serbs and the Muslims and the Muslims won.But just after the battle the sultan,Murad I, was assasinated on the battlefield by a Serb called Milosh Obravic.Obravic stabbed him to death.

His 2 sons arrived and one of them was called Bajazit/Bayazed(1354-1403).He immediately killed his brother and proclaimed himself the new sultan.

Example 2

The first Ottoman sultan who was literate was Bajazit/Bayazed I (1354-1403),whose mother was a Byzantine princess.He was later defeated at the Battle of Ankara,in Turkey, in 1402 by Tamerlane (1336-1405)and it is stated he was forced to live in an iron cage like an animal till he died.Tamerlane,a Muslim, killed 17 million Muslims and non-Muslims, during his conquests and in his Memoirs says he killed 100,000 captured Hindus in Delhi because they were unbelievers.

After his capture in 1402 Bayazed’s sons killed had a civil war (1402-1413) and killed each other till Mehmed I ((1390-1421) won in 1413 and became the new sultan.

Example 3

Mehmet II (1432-1481)was succeeded in 1481 by his son Bayezid II (1447-1512).Now Mehmet II conquered Constantinople in 1453 and for 3 days allowed his soldiers to rape,kill,enslave and loot.In 1480 Mehmet II sent an expedition to conquer Italy and though it was not 100% successful he did kill 800 Christians in Otranto,Italy for refusing to convert to Islam.Read:

Bayezid he had to fight him own brother Jem(also called Cem) for the throne.The brother was not killed since he fled to Rhodes,which was Christian.Bayezid II is known for accepting many Jews exiled from Spain in 1492.

Example 4

Bayezid II’s final years saw a succession battle between his sons Selim and Ahmed.Ahmed, the older of the two claimants had won a battle against the Karaman Turks and their Safavid allies in Asia Minor and now marched on Istanbul to exploit his triumph. Fearing for his safety, Selim staged a revolt in Thrace but was defeated by Bayezid and forced to flee to Crimea (1511).

At this point, Bayezid II developed fears that Ahmed might in turn kill him to gain the throne and refused to allow his son to enter Istanbul.Selim returned from Crimea and, with support from the Janissaries, defeated and killed Ahmed. Bayezid II then abdicated the throne in 1512.Selim I(1465-1520) killed:

1.His 2 brothers.

2.The sons of his 2 brothers.


Example 5

Suleiman/Solomon (1494-1566) was the son of Selim and did not murder any brother because he had none,he was an only son and became sultan.He was the greatest ruler of the Ottomans,under him the empire reach its greatest power.Suleiman killed:

1.His son Mustafa,the heir-apparent.

2.And also another son Bayezid

3.And his 4 grandsons,the sons of Bayezid.

Read about him here:

Example 6

Mehmed III (1566-1603) had about 4,000 sex-slaves.According to Jason Goodwin in “Lords of the Horizon:a History of the Ottoman Empire”(1998),page 214 the number of women in the harem was “never less than 2,000” in the history of the Ottomans.Mehmet III killed his 19 brothers,plus all his sisters when he got power.

Example 7

Ahmed I in 1603 decided to try to stop the custom and passed a law where the brothers were not to be killed but instead be prisoners in the harem and have sex-slaves,but the women were to be sterile.That was called the “Golden Cage”.Ahmed I ruled from 1603-1617.

Example 8

Osman II (ruled 1618-1622) was murdered in 1622 by the janissaries,the elite soldiers of the empire.It was the first time a sultan was assasinated.

Murad IV (ruled 1623-1640) killed his brother Bajazit.That incident inspired a play by brilliant French writer Jean Racine (1639–1699),called “Bayazet” (1672).On his deathbed Murad IV ordered the death of his brother Ibrahim,but it was prevented by his mother.

Example 9

Ibrahim I (ruled 1640-1648) was not 100% well in the head.He was crazy about furs and thought only of having sex.In one incident he ordered the death of all the sex-slaves,non-Muslim women, in his harem.Once Ibrahim heard that one of his sex-slaves was cheating on him and tortured some girls to know if it was true.None spoke so in order to make sure the guilty one was punished he ordered all the 280 harem women put in sacks and drowned.Only one girl survived and was saved by a French ship. Finally he was deposed and killed several days later.


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