Watch Soliman,Stornhaug and Jakobsen debate(with my Analysis of it):”Is Islam a Threat to the West?”

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There was a debate between Fadel Soliman,Muslim and Hege Stornhaug,Norwegian feminist,a real feminist,who attacks Islam’s degradation of women,and Jonas Jakobsen,philosopher, who thinks Islam can be reconciled with human rights.The theme was “Is Islam a threat to the West?”

In fact,Soliman actually said that:

1.Cutting a thief’s hand was not that bad,for today.That thiefs would prefer to have their hand cut off instead of 10 years in jail.

2.The Christians of Egypt would prefer Sharia-Islamic rule instead of secular rule in Egypt,it is better for them.

Watch the debate

Answers to Questions and Affirmations raised in the Debate

Jonas Jakobsen cited Jesus as being violent

He cited Luke 19:27:

“And as for these enemies of mine who didn’t want me to be their king,bring them in and execute them right here in front of me.”

1.But that is part of a parable.

2.It is not an order to his disciples to kill Jesus’ enemies,in fact,Jesus’ disciples did not immediately begin to kill the Pharisees,who were Jesus’ enemies.They understood it was a metaphor,a parable.

There is another parable by Jesus:

Luke 20:16:

“He will come and kill/destroy those tenants and give the vineyard to others.” When the people heard this, they said, “May this never be!””

Did those people start killing?Did they see it as an order?No.

Jesus and others in the NT (Paul and James) have called the Golden Rule (“do to others as you would have others do to you/love your neighbor like yourself”) the Law.That is the highest level possible in Judaism,it is calling it the Law of God.Read all the details here:

What Jakobsen does not know

He talked of context.But does he know:

1.Chapter 5:14 of the Koran has Allah curse Christians “till the Day of Resurrection”.

2.Chapter 5:64 has Allah curse Jews “till the Day of Resurrection”.

What is there to interpret?It is very clear.If the Pope said blacks/brown people/women are cursed by God “till the End of the World” then would Jakobsen not call it hate-speech,evil,unacceptable,no ifs,buts or maybe are to be accepted?

Jakobsen also cited Paul

He cited from 2 passages by Paul and the second one was a paraphrase,and not that accurate.The answers to his claims are here:

“Can Women Preach and be Ministers in a Church?”

“Are Muslims Correct in saying the NT says a Christian Woman has to wear the Hijab?”

The affirmation that Muslim Spain was a model for today

It was stated and the real facts show it is not so,read:

“The Myth of Muslim Spain as a Model of Coexistence for Today”

Fadel Soliman said the Maimonides was the physician of Saladin,the Kurdish conqueror of Jerusalem

The evidence is he was the physician of Saladin’s vizier,not of Saladin.Also Maimonides thought badly of Muhammad and Islam,read:

“Maimonides Opinion of Mohammed:he is Ha-Meshuga(“the Madman”)”

“More Information on what Maimonides,Jewish Philosopher,thought of Islam”

About the affirmation that the West owes Science to the Muslims

It is false,in the sense that without them the scientific method was impossible and other things,read:

“The Myth that Muslims Invented the Scientific Method and that without them the Progress of Europe was Impossible”

“The Myth of the Existence of a Muslim-Islamic Science”

About Insulting Muhammad and Freedom of Speech

Fadel Soliman said there are double standards,illogic,it is ok to draw Muhammad with a bomb as a turban but you can not draw a rabbi with a bomb on his head.

A Wrong Comparison

You can insult Muhammad,and Napoleon,and Ceaser and Jesus and Alexander the Great and Moses because they are dead historical figures,open to praise and criticism,even insult.

If Muhammad were alive today he could sue for defamation,it is his legal right and a court would decide if he was defamed or not,but that is not for dead figures of the past.

Rabbi with a bomb on his head

I think it is hate,but I am not sure if it should be prohibited,since one should be allowed to draw a mullah of today with a bomb..But what should be allowed 100% is the right to draw Moses(and also Muhammad) with a bomb as a turban.Why?Because they are dead historical figures.

Fadel Soliman praises Malaysia as an Example

He said it has many aspects of Sharia.He does not know,I assume:

That in Malaysia,which is 40% non-Muslim (10% Christian,10% Hindu and 20% Buddhist) it is:

1.Forbidden to convert others out of Islam,you will be legally punished.

2.It is illegal for a Muslim to leave Islam.



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