What a Debate,Muslim Scholar Al-Haddad and His Surprising Statements

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I discovered in life that almost anything is possible,but not everything is equally probable.

Who is Al-Haddad?

Haitham Al-Haddad is a Muslim scholar who teaches what is the Islam of Muhammad and the Caliphate that in one way or another lasted till 1924 .He is a member of the UK’s Islamic Sharia Council.

A majority in the Nederlands parliament tried to block entrance into the Nederlands of Al-Haddad for his views.He was invited to an Amsterdam University to debate with a politician and a journalist, about the position of Islam in the West.Al-Haddad had been invited by the Amsterdam Islamic students association.

Al-Haddad says in the Debate that Women and Men who are Adulterers are to be Stoned

1.From minute 1:50 till minute 3 you hear nothing but after that the sound is fine.

2.But before,around minute 30 a woman in the audience began arguing with Al-Haddad and a minute later she was allowed to sit at the table and participate.And incredibly Al-Haddad claimed that he had been approached by European women who had committed adultery and wanted to go to a Muslim country to be stoned for their bad deeds.

Later an Iranian ex-Muslim begins to ask him a question

Asked by him,a member of the audience,who left Islam what the cleric thought of him, al-Haddad told him apostates should be killed in an Islamic country.

About Irak

He also said 1.5 million have been killed in Irak because of Western democracy.The lady asks him about stoning women and Al-Haddad finally says that many Western women had even asked him to be stoned to death.

Here is the Debate

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  • Peter

    The anti-Islamists on the pannel are poor debaters. The Imman is defeating them continually. I am a Catholic priest in Canada. Muslim leaders obfuscate the argument by refusing to give a direct answer. And you guys can’t stop him!!! you need lessons on how to debate a Muslim.