1:19 Hour Video by David Wood called “What Every Christian Needs to Know About Islam” and his New Book on Islam to Come,but Financial Help Needed

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David Wood

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In this 1:19 minute video David Wood,ex-atheist,now Christian,says that the reason he got into debates about Islam was because his best friend,Nabeel Qureshi,who was an Ahmadiya Muslim who converted to Christianity,received several death threats.David Wood was not really interested in Islam,but more in debating Western skeptics.So that is how it all began.David Wood has many debates with Muslims in youtube.

They founded a blog,now they have their separate blogs.

David Wood’s Blog is:


Nabeel Qureshi

Nabeel Qureshi’s Blog is:


A New Book to Come Out by David Wood and Sam Shamoun

It will be called “The Islamic Dilemma”,and in this video he gives some of the arguments that will be in the book.Sam Shamoun has written many articles critical of Islam and in favor of Christianity in the most popular anti-Islam website,which is called “answering-islam.org”.

If all goes well it would be finished soon.But to have all the free time necessary David Wood and Sam Shamoun,of answering-islam.org,who also has many debates with Muslims in youtube,would need some financial support to take time off from work to finish it quickly.

Please contribute so an important book about the negative parts of Islam can be finished.

To Give Financial Help click here:


Here David Wood explains about his Book to Come and the Reasons for Financial Support

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