A Real Genetic Disaster:the Statistics on 1st and 2nd Cousin Marriage among Muslims

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About Inbreeding among Muslims,for centuries,and about the World-Famous Book by David “Spengler” Goldman

For several years a man called “Spengler” has written articles for the online website “Asia Times”.We have that:

1.He has become astonishing popular,with 1 million readers ever time.Finally he revealed his identity.

2.It turns out he had a high position in an important American bank,so his politically incorrect views would have got him into trouble with his bank.

3.He is a religious Jew and supports Israel.

Finally a book came out by him,which is acclaimed by the criticics,it is:“How Civilizations Die (and Why Islam is Dying Too)”(2010).

David Goldman

The Information by Goldman about the Amount of Inbreeding,1st and 2nd Cousin Marriages,among Muslims

The information is startling.As we all know,irrational behaviour appears in all civiliations but I think one major reason among Muslims is INBREEDING.

Goldman shows the statistics for marriage to 1st and 2nd cousins among Muslims,it is from consang.net,in his book,on pages 81-82.The percentages are in the book,I have only added the population figures.

A Very Grim Situation

1.Afghanistan: 55% (population:30 million)

2.Algeria: 22% (population:37 million)

3.Egyt: 30% (population:80 million,90% Muslim)

4.India,among Muslim Indians: 33%(Muslim population:145 million Muslims)

5.Iran: 38% (population:74 million)

6.Irak: 33% (population:31 million)

7.Israel,among Arabs in Israel:34% (population:1.4 million)

8.Jordan: 40% (population:6.5 million)

9.Kuwait: 38% (population:2.5 million)

10.Lebanon: 35% (population:4.1 million,80% Muslim)

11.Morocco: 20% (population:31 million)

12.Oman: 36% (population:2.7 million)

13.Pakistan:61% (population:180 million)

14.Palestinian Territories:29% (population:3.3 million Arabs,West Bank and Gaza)

15.Qatar:45% (population:1.7 million)

16.Saudi Arabia: 45% (population:26 million)

17.Sudan: 52% (population:32 million)

Also 55% of Pakistani Muslims in the UK marry 1st or 2nd cousins.

The Exceptions

Notice the following countries do not have that problem:

1.Indonesia:with 88% Muslims out of a total of 240 million.

2.Nigeria: 50% Muslim,so it has 60 million Muslims.

3.Malaysia:60% Muslim,out of a total of 28 million

4.Ethiopia:40% Muslim,out of a total of 82 million.

5.Bangladesh:142 million,90% Muslim.

6.Turkey:74 million

For hundreds of Years

It has been going on for hundreds of years,the result would be a a degradation of the mental and physical quality of the popuation.

Emmanuel Todd

The Average of 1st and 2nd Cousin Marriages among Muslims,what is called Endogamy

According to famous French scholar Emmanuel Todd (born in 1951),and who thinks Islam poses no danger for the world,on average 35% of all Muslims marry 1st and 2nd cousins.So 35% of 1.5 billion Muslims=375 million.

His research examines the different types of families worldwide and how there are matching beliefs, ideologies and political systems, and the historical events involving these things.

He is famous for:

1.“The Final Fall: An Essay on the Decomposition of the Soviet Sphere (1976)

He predicted the fall of Communism due to its internal fractures.

2.” After the Empire:The Breakdown of the American Order: (2001)

Todd predicted the fall of the United States as the sole superpower and the emergence of a multipolar world, with the rise of Europe, Japan and Russia.

3.“A Convergence of Civilizations:The Transformation of Muslim Societies Around the World” (2007)

Todd criticized Samuel Huntington’s thesis of a clash of civilizations,saying the Muslim world is become more liberal,the new generation is less traditional.

For reading the Articles by “Spengler”,all his articles, in Asia Times (“The Complete Spengler”)


Read these Articles on David Goldman’s book “How Civilizations Die (And Why Islam Is Dying Too)”










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  • Anonymous

    I disagree with Goldman’s view that Islam is dying. It eventaully will die out but not first before it takes over and corrupts everything else. The USA will fall. And the cause of thatwill be from the Islamic faith because it will be unstoppable. But eventually, like the USA falls, so to will Islam. But it will have its day in the sun for a short while.

    • Guest

       Muslim population is US is about 2 million. That is hardly anything. Most of US Christians are acutely aware of this presence and the menace. They are alert to it. FBI has a file on EVERY muslim. The efforts to modify state constitutions to outlaw sharia for ever are starting to bear fruit. Muslims are shunned as much as possible. Majority of muslims are at least one ocean away. How can they be any threat to the US? US can project its power very effectively into muslim countries. Not one muslim country can do the reverse. Al Qaida took down two towers in New York when no one was alert to its peril. US took down two countries in revenge and wiped out Al Qaida to boot. US is alert now. All muslim terror cells have been penetrated and under surveillance. Muslims cannot act against the US any more. Islam will go into sunset in frustration.

      • notoshariah

        Your  ideas sound good –  and you act like there is nothing to worry about-but in my mind  I see the government and education being infected by the lies of Islam.   I do not like it that such a big group of Islamists live in Dearborn -and that they are allowed to practice and get away with SHARIAH.   I don’t like it that they are not made to leave since they do not want to become American .  How many are on the dole like the other illegals scamming our Social Secuirity-  etc.?   They are and the camel has its nose under the tent.  That’s not good according to this ISLAMIPHOBE!

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  • hugh watt

    It only takes one jihadist to start a war.