The Koranic Verse that Justifies,for Muslim Terrorists,killing Fellow Muslims

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There is a Koranic verse that justifies,for those who need it,Muslims fighting those Muslims who they think are less good.And the fighting can even go all the way to killing,if you are to be logical.But first:

The Case of Sunni Muslims killing Shia Muslims

Take the case of Irak,they killed 130,000 in eight years (2003-2011),here is the reason:

The Case of Sunni Muslims killing Sunni Muslims

Take the case of the FIS-GIA in Algeria,they killed 100,000 in 10 years (1991-2001)

The Koran

Chapter 49:9-10:

“If two parties of the believers (Note:Muslims fight:

1.Put things right between them; then, if one of them  (Note:the Muslimsis insolent against the other

2.Fight the insolent one  (Note:the Muslims

3.Till it  (Note:the Muslimsreverts to God’s commandment  

(Note:the rebel Muslims have to accept Allah’s law,Islamic law)

If it reverts, set things right between them equitably, and be just. Surely God loves the just.

The believers indeed are brothers; so set things right between your two brothers, and fear God; haply so you will find mercy.”


Notice it says to fight the Muslim rebel till he submits to Islamic law,the law/commandment of Allah,a Muslim has the right to go against a less religious.or a heretical Muslim.


That would be why Khomeini,a Shia,killed 100,000 fellow Shias in 10 years (1979-1989)

For him they were rebels against the law of Allah,against Islam,they did not want to submit, and in Islamic tradition that is the equivalent of rejecting Islam and he had to execute the evildoers.

Life after Death?Is there any Evidence?

Dinesh D’Souza is a Christian who debates atheists alot(Christopher Hitchens,Dan Barker,etc).He is in youtube.

1.He has written “What’s so Great about Christianity?” in 2008 for atheists(very easy to read,great style)

2.Then he wrote “Life after Death:the Evidence” in 2009.

Watch this Video about his book “Life after Death:the Evidence”

To verify you can go to which has:

1.Six translations by Muslims.

2.Four translations by Non-Muslims.

3.The text in Arabic,with Latin letters.


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