Video about the Evidence that the Koran we Have has Evolved,it is Not the Same as the one we have Today

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About the Earliest Koran found

In the video it says:

1.Fragments of the earliest Koran are from 705-715.

2.The earliests Korans show variant readings.

3.They also show that verses were ordered and organized differently.

All that shows that the Koran has evolved,that is changed,over time.The Koran we have now is not the same as that of Muhammad’s day,according to the evidence.

About the Work of Gerd Puin and H.C. Graf von Bothmer,German Scholars

In 1972 there was found a mass of old Korans in the Grand Mosque of Sanaa,Yemen.They filled 20 potato sacks and luckily the president of the Yemeni Antiquities Authority recognized their importance.Years later Puin and Graf von Bothmer began work on them and by 1997 more than 35,000 microfilm pictures of the Sanaa Korans had been taken and sent to Europe.

Gerd Puin,an expert on the subject,has said that 20% of the Koran is incomprehensible.

About Christoph Luxenberg

It is the pseudonym of the author of “The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran: A Contribution to the Decoding of the Language of the Qur’an” ( 2000).There is debate about how solid his ideas are,and they are:

1.The language of the Koran was not exclusively Arabic.

2.It was also Aramaic,the language of Jesus.Many words in the Koran are really Aramaic and they explain the REAL meaning of certain parts.

3.It was because Aramaic was prevalent in the Middle East during the early period of Islam, and was the language of culture and Christian liturgy,and the language of that liturgy influenced the Koran.

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