The 2nd Joel Richardson Interview,and he gives More Reasons why the Antichrist will be the Muslim Mahdi

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There is a great Christian called Joel Richradson who has written an amazing book called “The Islamic Antichrist”in 2005.Watch his first interview by Sid Roth,a Jewish believer in Jesus,who has a great show called “It’s Supernatural”.

The Theory of Joel Richardson

He has the theory,and it seems convincing,that according to the Bible:

1.A man claiming to be the Mahdi will come.

The Mahdi is,according to Sunni and Shia belief, a descendant of Muhammad who will conquer the world for Islam.

2.That Mahdi will come with Jesus.

3.The Muslim Jesus will do tell the world Islam is true,and Christianity is false.The Mahdi and Jesus will wage war against the non-Muslim countries,there will be battles.

In the Book of Revelation

It has that the Antichrist will come with a False Prophet,who will be his great ally and do amazing miracles,convincing many.

Read Richardson’s book Free,about 50% of it, here,in Google Books

And most of the Contents of the Book are here, answering-islam

Richardson’s blog is here

The Shias and the Mahdi

For them he is:

1A descendant of Muhammad and also of Ali,the son-in-law of Muhammad,married to his daughter Fatima.

2.And was a child,about 7 years old,the son of the 11th Imam of Shia Islam,and thus the 12th Imam

3.Who fell or was hidden in a well in Irak almost 1,200 years ago and is still alive.That is called the Occulation,and he will come out one day.

About Iran and the Mahdi-12th Imam

The highest authority in Iran is NOT Ahmadinejad but the Ayatollah,who is called Khamenei.A while ago Khamenei has said he is the “official representative of the12th Imam in Iran”,as though he knew him.This is troubling.Why?Because both Ahmadinejad and also Khamenei,once to his inner circle in July 2010,have said they have met the 12th Imam-Mahdi.


There are 3 possibilities:

1.They are lying.

2.They mean they saw a vision.

3.Or there is a real man they met.According to the Bible false prophets of Satan can do miracles.Maybe he is such a man pretending to be the 12th Imam,the Mahdi.

Links to Articles where the Ayatollah Khamenei says he met the 12th Imam


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