Oriana Fallaci,Italian Feminist,Atheist,Probably the World’s Most Famous Journalist,was Anti-Islam

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Oriana Fallaci

Who was Oriana Fallaci (1929-2006)?

She was:

1.An Italian journalist and author who was an atheist.

2.In her career she covered many wars and revolutions and was an interviewer of many world leaders during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.She interviewed Kissinger,Khomeini,Indira Gandhi,Arafat,the Shah of Iran,Golda Meir,Kaddafi,Deng Xiaoping,Walesa,Sharon.As a war correspondent she wrote about war in Vietnam, the Indo-Pakistani War, the Middle East, and in South America.Later she wrote books against Islam,inspired by 9/11.She had an impressive life and was a life-long heavy smoker,dying of lung cancer.

3.She was a feminist and a leftist who was against Islam.

4.She was also against the Irak war.Why?Because she said that it was a waste of time,that because of its culture and even because of aspects of Islam, it was impossible to establish a secular,modern state in Irak,it was foolishness,and she was right.

Fascist leader Mussolini

She fought the Fascists of Italy during WW II

She joined the resistance as a youth,at age 14,joining the democratic armed group called “Giustizia e Libertà”(Justice and Liberty). Her father Edoardo Fallaci, a cabinet maker in Florence, was a political activist who fought against the dictatorship of Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini.He was captured and tortured by the nazis when they conquered Italy. It was then that Fallaci was first exposed to the atrocities of war.

Almost killed by the Brutal Mexican Police

During the 1968 Tlatelolco massacre, prior to the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, Fallaci was shot three times, dragged down stairs by her hair, and left for dead by Mexican police.

What was the 1968 Tlatelolco Massacre?

It was the murder of 200-300 Mexican students in Tlatelolco Plaza,Mexico City,who were protesting against the Mexican government.It happened a few days before the beginning of the Olympics.


An Affair with one of those she Interviewed

In the early 1970s Fallaci had an affair with Alexandros Panagoulis, who was a solitary,brave figure in the Greek resistance against the 1967 dictatorship, having been captured, heavily tortured and imprisoned for his failed assassination attempt on dictator and ex-Colonel Georgios Papadopoulos. Panagoulis died in 1976, under controversial circumstances, in a road accident. Fallaci maintained that Panagoulis was assassinated by the Greek military and her book Un Uomo (A Man) was inspired by his life.

Famous Interview with Henry Kissinger

During her 1972 interview with Henry Kissinger, Kissinger agreed that the Vietnam War was a “useless war” and compared himself to “the cowboy who leads the wagon train by riding ahead alone on his horse.” Kissinger later wrote that it was “the single most disastrous conversation I have ever had with any member of the press.”


Famous Interview with Khomeini

During her 1979 interview with Ayatollah Khomeini, she took off her chador(black veil) in front of him.It is recounted in the 26 September 1979 edition of the Corriere della Sera:

Here is a part:

Oriana Fallaci:

“I still have to ask you a lot of things. About the chador, for example, which I was obliged to wear to come and interview you, and which you impose on Iranian women…… I am not only referring to the dress but to what it represents, I mean the apartheid Iranian women have been forced into after the revolution.

They cannot study at the university with men, they cannot work with men, they cannot swim in the sea or in a swimming-pool with men. They have to do everything separately, wearing their chador. By the way, how can you swim wearing a chador?”


None of this concerns you, our customs do not concern you. If you don’t like the islamic dress you are not obliged to wear it, since it is for young women and respectable ladies.

Oriana Fallaci:

“This is very kind of you, Imam, since you tell me that, I’m going to immediately rid myself of this stupid medieval rag. There!

Here is the Full,Shocking Interview with Khomeini,Politically Incorrect and very Feminist





Her Famous Book against Islam,inspired by 9/11

Her 2001 book The Rage and The Pride became a bestseller and there she critique Islam and Muslims alot,even saying,referring to the high birth rate of Muslims in Europe compared to non-Muslims:”the sons of Allah breed like rats“.It sold 1 million copies in Italy.

Her Most Famous Books

1.A Man, The story of Alexandros Panagoulis, a Greek revolutionary(1979)

A novel about a hero who fights alone and to the death for freedom and for truth.

2.Inshallah (it means “Allah willing” in Arabic)(1994)

A fictional account of Italian troops in Lebanon in 1983 when Hezbullah killed alot of US soldiers in a suicide attack.

3.Letter to a Child Never Born(1976)

One of her most read books,it is a dialogue between a mother and her eventually miscarried child.She was pro-abortion but the book inspired the anti-abortionists by its content.

Fallaci, unexpectedly pregnant in her 40s, writes to her unborn child, whose father wants Fallaci to have an abortion. Fallaci finds herself unwilling to do so, though she has no plans to maintain a relationship with the father. Her parents are disappointed,a friend insists she’ll ruin her life if she has the baby; her doctor mistrusts her willingness to be a mother.
Having seen much violence and cruelty in her life, she wonders if it is right to bring a child into the world. Eventually she loses the fetus, Fallaci feels guilty for it and puts herself “on trial”–her jury consisting of those mentioned above as well as a priest.


4.The Rage and The Pride (2001)

A great criticism of Islam and Muslims inspired by 9/11.

5.The Force of Reason (2004)

A continuation of her first book against Islam.

6.Oriana Fallaci interviews Oriana Fallaci(2004)

Fallaci interviews herself on the subject of Eurabia and Islamofacism.

Daniel Pipes

Read Daniel Pipes praise of Oriana Fallaci

Daniel Pipes is a famous scholar,Jewish-American,on Islam.He is hated by many Muslims.



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