Why the FIS-GIA of Algeria,Sunni Groups,killed 100,000 Innocent,Fellow Sunni Muslims from 1991-2001

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About the FIS (Front Islamique du Salut) or Islamic Salvation Front

It is a Salafi-Sunni and terrorist religious and political party that in 10 years from 1991-2001 killed 100,000 fellow Sunni Muslims in Algeria.Algeria became independent in 1962 and the terrorist FLN (Front de Liberation National) took power.Soon virtually all the country’s almost 1 million people of European descent and 120,000 Jews left since the FLN was not interested in protecting them from the Muslims.In fact,Islam was a central part of the FLN’s ideology,contrary to popular opinion.The FLN was not a 100% secular,non-religious group.So the FLN was in power for decades.

The Two Leaders of the FIS

The FIS was even more pro-Islam and its leaders,though they had internal arguments,agreed on establishing an Islamic State ruled by sharia law.On November 3, 1988, the Algerian Constitution was amended to allow parties other than the ruling FLN. The FIS was founded on February 18, 1989, led by an elderly sheikh, Abbassi Madani, and a charismatic young mosque preacher, Ali Belhadj. Abbassi Madani, a professor at the University of Algiers and ex-independence fighter, represented a relatively moderate religious conservatism.

Ali Belhadj was a high school teacher appealing to a younger and less educated class, made aggressively radical speeches that attracted dissatisfied lower-class youth and alarmed non-Islamists and feminists.But whatever their differences they both wanted Islamic law.

Winning the Elections

On June 12, 1990, they swept the local elections with 54% of votes cast.And in the urban areas (presumably the most “educated and Frenchified and Westernized” areas) they got 93% of towns/cities of over 50,000.The FLN tried to destroy their gains and after much intriguing there was another election.

Winning Again

On December 26, 1991, the FIS won the first round of parliamentary elections; with 48% of the overall popular vote, they won 188 of the 231 seats contested in that round, putting them far ahead of rivals.The army saw the seeming certainty of resulting FIS rule as unacceptable. On January 11, 1992, it cancelled the electoral process and the government officially dissolved the FIS.

Killing 100,000 fellow Muslims

The whole era was full of intrigues and dissensions between the different Salafis and an even more radical Muslim terrorist group appeared,the Armed Islamic Group (Groupe Islamique Armé or GIA) which also killed many innocent people,just like the FIS military group.Many of those killed were those Muslims who were intellectuals and French-speaking,they were considered to be anti-Islamic law and apostates.

It is Very Important to Remember the FIS and GIA were Salafis and Sunnis

They were all for Islamic law in Algeria with no ifs,buts or maybes.In Algeria all Muslims are Sunni Muslims,there are no real Shia minority groups.The Algerian army and alot of ordinary Algerian Muslims did not want Islamic law as the law of Algeria.

Who are the Salafis?

There are 2 major groups in Islam,the Sunnis and the Shias.There are also the Ahmadiyas,who are 20 million, but they are not considered to be true Muslims by the other 2 groups.Among the Sunnis there is a group called the Salafis.

The Salafis are for returning to original Islam,based on the Coran and the Sunna(Tradition).We have that there is:

1.A traditionalist movement.

2.A jihadist-terrorist movement

3.And that Salafis refuse all Western influence,specially democracy and secularism,which they say corrupts Islam.They would use democracy to get into power but then that same democracy would be destroyed by them to prevent anti-Salafi,anti-Sharia law groups from taking them out of power through a democratic election.

4.All the Salafi movements say they are a continuation of the Islam of the first centuries.The word Salafi means “predecessor” or “ancestor” and refers to Islam under Muhammad and at the time of the first 4 caliphs of Islam,the “rightly-guided caliphs”:Abu Bekr,Omar,Othman and Ali.Those 4 were companions of Muhammad.

The FIS and GIA and other Salafis have accepted a Central Idea of Ibn Taymiyyah (1263–1328)

He believed that:

1.Islam is true and so Islamic law is the Law of Allah

2.A true Muslim must implement it 100%.

3.Otherwise he will be an apostate and go to hell.

4.True Muslims on earth are justified in overthrowing an apostate government.

In his day that apostate government was the Muslim branch of the Mongols that ruled large parts of the Middle East.They followed the traditional Mongol law more often that Sharia law,so Ibn Taymiyyah said they were not true Muslims and really apostates and it was obligatory to overthrow them by violence.So the FIS was for overthrowing the Algerian,apostate,anti-Sharia government.

Why kill 100,000 Innocent Algerian Sunnis?

The FIS and GIA were Sunni and killed fellow 100,000 Sunnis.But the Sunnis killed:

1.Were thought by the FIS and GIA to be against them.

2.And FIS-GIA were for Islamic law in Algeria.

3.So the 100,000 killed were against the Law of Allah and that made them apostates.

4.According to the Sunni hadiths Muhammad said to kill apostates.

So you see there is a logic to their action of killing 100,000 fellow Sunnis,or according to them,killing 100,000 apostates.To find out more about Ibn Taymiyyah read:


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