Videos about the 2 Joel Rosenberg Novels about Iran:”The 12th Imam” and “The Tehran Initiative”

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The Video:”The Mahdi:The Reason behind Iran’s Madness”

It is about his First Novel of a Trilogy,it is called “The 12th Imam”(2010)

Rosenberg does not say he is saying the Bible says it will happen as described in his novels,but that it might happen.

The Shias are 10% of all Muslims:

1.In the 9th century a 5,6 or 7 year old child,the versions differ,who was a descendant of Muhammad, fell into a well in Samarra,Irak,another version says he was hid in it by his mother,and was never seen again.

2.They believe he has been sleeping or is in hiding  for 1,150 years and will reappear in the last days and conquer the world for Islam.

His father was the 11th imam or religious leader chosen by God,The child was the 12th imam.

3.Sunnis believe that one day a descendant of Muhammad will appear to conquer the world for Islam.He is called the Mahdi.

4.Mahdi means “the Guided One” in Arabic.

5.The Shias believe the 12th Imam=the Mahdi

6.Plus the Mahdi will come with Jesus to conquer the world for Islam.

What does that have to do with Iran Today?

Several times through the years president Ahmadinejad has said he has met the 12th Imam.

Iran is a theocracy and the highest authority,higher than Ahmadinejad,is the Ayatollah.It is now Khamenei and he has said to his advisors in 2010 that  he has met the 12th Imam.


There are 3 possibilities:

1.They are lying.

2.They mean they saw a vision

3.Or there is a real man they met.According to the Bible false prophets of Satan can do miracles.Maybe he is such a man pretending to be the 12th Imam,the Mahdi.

Here is an Article about Khamenei and his Claim:

About the Novel “The 12th Imam”

The novel is about the appearance of a man who does real miracles in Iran and the leaders of the Iranian government accept him as the real,true 12th Imam.It also includes the adventures of an Iranian-American who is a spy for the CIA in Iran and who has to find out if Iran has a nuclear bomb program.

Video by Joel Rosenberg on his Next Novel in the Trilogy:”The Tehran Initiative”

“The Tehran Iniciative”(2011)

The 12th Imam is accepted by all Muslims as the Mahdi,by the Sunnis and the Shias and decides to start conquering the world for Islam

Who is Joel Rosenberg(born 1967)?

He is an American novelist and non-fiction writer:

1.Whose father is Jewish,from NYC, and his American mother is of English extraction.

2.He is an evangelical Christian

3.And he also considers himself to be Jewish and has founded The Joshua Fund,which helps fellow Jews.

His website is:

And his blog,which is part of the website:

Read his Great Novels

The best ones are:

1.“The Last Jihad”(2002)

The book was written 9 months before the September 11th attacks and was published in 2002.By coincidence it is about Muslims who hijack a plane and crash it against a city in the US.Not all the details are the same but the essence is.The Last Jihad spent 11 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list, reaching as high as number seven.

2.“The Ezekiel Option”(2005)

It is about a Russian dictator who with several Muslim countries tries to destroy Israel and the army is miraculously destroyed by God,as it appears in the War of Gog and Magog prophecy,Ezekiel 38 and 39,written 2,500 years ago.

3.“The 12th Imam”(2010)

4.“The Tehran Iniciative”(2011)

His Two Great Non-Fiction Books

1.“Epicenter:Why the Current Rumblings in the Middle East will Change your Future” (2006)

2.”Inside the Revolution:How the Followers of Jihad, Jefferson, and Jesus Are Battling to Dominate the Middle East and Transform the World” (2009)

It is about Islam and Muslims.and it is in 3 sections:

1.The Radicals: who say “Islam is the answer, and Jihad is the way”

2.The Reformers:who say  “Islam is the answer, but Jihad is not the way

3.The Revivalists:

They are ex-Muslims who have become Christian and say “Islam is not the answer, and Jihad is not the way; Jesus is the way

Read 97 Customer Reviews of “Inside the Revolution”


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