A Short Introduction to Jauhar,Mass Suicide by Hindu Women to Avoid being the Sex-Slaves of Muslims

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The Hindu Custom called Jauhar

From 1300-1600 the women of the warrior caste called the Rajputs,who live in Rajasthan,India, commited mass suicide on several occasions:

1.To avoid being made sex-slaves of the Muslims.

2.They generally burned themselves to death.

3.It was done when it was 100% certain a city or fort would be taken by the Muslims.

4.The Koran authorizes a Muslim man,even those who are married,to have sex with a woman who is their slave and even the right to have a Muslim woman as his slave.



5.For us it is adultery,for the Koran it is not adultery.

Watch this short video about a Famous Jauhar of 1303,done by Queen Padmini and the women of Chittor,Rajasthan

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