Skanderbeg,Albanian Prince,pretended to be Muslim for more than 20 years,Retracted and fought the Turks

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Statue of Skanderbeg

Muslims get an Idealized Version of How Muslims Treated Non-Muslims

You see it in their books about Muslim Spain,about India and about the Ottoman Empire.In the West people are told the negative and the positive things,the good and he bad,of Western civilization.Here is the reality of the Ottomans:

The Reality of the Ottoman Empire

Karl Marx(1818-1883),the founder of Communism,in the introduction to his Capital(Das Kapital),his masterpiece,says the economic structure of the Ottoman Empire depended on slave raids on its borders.

In 1430 7,000 were taken as slaves from Thessalonika,Greece.In 1438, 60,000 Serbs were enslaved and taken to Turkey.Sources suggest that in the few years between 1436-1442, some 400,000 people were seized in the Balkans.Many of the captives died in forced marches towards Turkey. Contemporary chronicles note that the Ottomans reduced masses of the inhabitants of Greece, Romania, and the Balkans to slavery,70,000 from Morea,Greece (1460) and 60,000-70,000 from Transylvania (1438) and 300,000-600,000 from Hungary and 10,000 from Mytilene on Lesbos island (1462).Muslims are never told this.

The Sultan never tried to convert the Christians of th Empire?But why?

1.The Christians payed a special tax called the jizya.If their were no more Christians there was no more money from there.

2.The Christians were the source of the janissaries.Those were children taken from their parents,usually from 8-12,forced to become Muslim,forced to learn Turkish and force to become soldiers.From 500,000 to 1 million were taken in 300 years.Later it became hereditary,the janissaries were allowed to marry and the children of janissaries became janissaries.

The Sultan was afraid of the Turkish aristocratic families,they were always plotting,rebelling,trying to kill him if possible.He could not get loyal soldiers from them.In addition,when a sultan died the sons would kill each other for the throne,the one who won killed the others,his own brothers.Later the tradition died out but only in the 17th century.

Skanderbeg’s helmet:it had the head of a goat

Introducing Skanderbeg

The European resistance to Ottoman-Muslim conquest has several heroes,like John Hunyadi(1407-1456),of Romanian descent,like Dracula(1431-1476),who also fought the Muslims,John Sobieski(1629-1696) of Poland,the 800 Italian martyrs of Otranto and the case of Skanderbeg.

He was an Albanian prince who was sent to the Sultan’s court as a hostage when a youth and pressured to become a Muslim but it was pretense.He became a great general of the Sultan but at the first chance revolted,became a Christian again,declaring it publicly in 1443, and helped other Europeans fight the Muslims.His real name was George Kastrioti(1405-1468) but he is knowm as Skanderbeg,a corruption of Iskander Bey or “Lord Alexander(Iskander)” in Turkish.

He fought the Muslims for 25 years and won 20 victories and was one reason why it took the Muslims so long to conquer the Balkans.

Here is a documentary of his Life

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