The Progressive,Peaceful Alevis,a Shia Group,the Second Biggest Religious Group of Turkey

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The Alevis are a peaceful Muslim group.In that they are similar to the Ahmadi group,who are 20 million.”Alevi” is generally explained as referring to Ali ibn Abi Talib, cousin, and son-in-law of Muhammad.The name Alevi is the Turkish pronunciation of Alawi,which means “of or pertaining to Ali”

To know more of the Ahmadiyas read:

What a Difference

Between the Ahmadis and the Alevis compared to the anti-human rights Salafis.They are Sunni Muslims who actually accept that Allah has literal body parts like eyes,hands,a face,etc,and who often support terrorists like Al-Qaida,Hamas,etc.By the way,the official ideology of Saudi Arabia is Salafi.

Or from the Bahais

Bahaism is a religion derived from Islam that accepts Muhammad as a prophet,plus Krishna,Buddha,Jesus and Moses.They are peaceful and progressive and 5 to 6 million.More that 200 of them have been killed in Iran only for their religion since 1979.

Details about the Alevis

1.They are 15 million,most of them are in Turkey(10 million) and the others elsewhere.

2.They are a branch of Shia Islam.They are not be confused with another group,mostly in Syria,called the Alawis or Alawites(of which there are 450,000 in Turkey).They are different.The Alawis are also Shia and are 15% of Syria’s population.

3.Alevi worship takes place in assembly houses (cemevi) rather than mosques. The ceremony has music and dance where both women and men participate and is called the cem ceremony.

4.Instead of Arabic,the native language,like in Turkey, is predominant during rituals and praying.

5.Women are not forced to cover their hair or their faces,it is not obligatory.

6.They believe in equality of men and women, who pray side by side.

7.Monogamy is practiced.

8.They support secularism.In fact they were persecuted and even killed by Sunni Muslims in the Ottoman Empire for a long time and had to be secretive.

9.They are very different even from Ahmadiya Muslims in that they say that the original Koran does not demand five prayers, nor mosque attendance, nor pilgrimage.And they do not consider it obligatory to pay the Koranic charity tax or zakat.

Pir Sultan Abdal,famous Turkish Alevi Poet and Martyr

Pir Sultan Abdal (1480 – 1550) was a legendary Turkish Alevi poet who was born in Sivas,Turkey.He was a humanist, and wrote about resistance, love, peace, death and God. He was also rebellious against authoritarian rule which ended with his being hung by the Ottomans.His verses which call for the rights and freedoms of the peasants soon attracted a lot of support among the masses who supported these ideals and as a result he was hung.

To know a bit more about Pir Sultan Abdal

Watch this Video about them by TIME Magazine

Video showing a Dance of the Alevi in their Cem/Semah Ceremony,their Ritual

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