Does the Koran Miraculously state the Embryological Development of Humans without Error?

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First of all Christian belief is that true,authentic scientific miracles are not enough to prove X book is from God.The Devil also has scientific and mathematical knowledge and can appear to people and give scientific miracles as evidence his false information is from God.Muslims believe the angel Gabriel appeared to Muhammad and gave him scientific miracles from God.Paul in 2 Cor 11:13-14 said:

“For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ.And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”

Science in the Koran

The Koran describes the embryological development of humans.It is the most detailed scientific description in the book.Muslims says it was not known till the 20th century,it is completely accurate,it is a scientific miracle.Yet Galen,Greek(129-200),the greatest physician of Antiquity described the same thing,and with more detail about 450 years before Muhammad.


The conclusion is there is no scientific miracle.Besides Galen made an undeniable scientific error which is repeated in the Koran:it is that the bones are formed in the embryo before the flesh,which is not true.

Embryological Development in the Koran,its 4 Stages

Chapter 23:12-14:

“We created man of an extraction of clay:

1.Then We set him, a drop, in a receptacle secure

2.Then We created of the drop a clot then We created of the clot a tissue

3.Then We created of the tissue bones

4.Then We garmented the bones in flesh; thereafter We produced him as another creature. So blessed be God, the fairest of creators!”

The Description of Embryological Developement by Greek Scientist Galen and the Koran are the Same

Galen was the greatest physician of Antiquity,a great mind,his description is alot more detailed.In his book De Semine(On Semen) he says:

“But let us take the account back again to the first conformation of the animal, and in order to make our account orderly and clear, let us divide the creation of the foetus overall into four periods of time.

1.The first is that in which. as is seen both in abortions and in dissection, the form of the semen prevails (Arabic nutfah). At this time, Hippocrates too, the all-marvelous, does not yet call the conformation of the animal a foetus; as we heard just now in the case of semen voided in the sixth day, he still calls it semen.

2.But when it has been filled with blood (Arabic alaqa), and heart, brain and liver are still unarticulated and unshaped yet have by now a certain solidarity and considerable size, this is the second period; the substance of the foetus has the form of flesh and no longer the form of semen. Accordingly you would find that Hippocrates too no longer calls such a form semen but, as was said, foetus.

3.The third period follows on this, when, as was said, it is possible to see the three ruling parts clearly and a kind of outline, a silhouette, as it were, of all the other parts (Arabic mudghah). You will see the conformation of the three ruling parts more clearly, that of the parts of the stomach more dimly, and much more still, that of the limbs. Later on they form “twigs”, as Hippocrates expressed it, indicating by the term their similarity to branches.

4.The fourth and final period is at the stage when all the parts in the limbs have been differentiated; and at this part Hippocrates the marvelous no longer calls the foetus an embryo only, but already a child, too when he says that it jerks and moves as an animal now fully formed (Arabic ‘a new creation’) …

… The time has come for nature to articulate the organs precisely and to bring all the parts to completion. Thus it caused flesh to grow on and around all the bones, and at the same time … it made at the ends of the bones ligaments that bind them to each other, and along their entire length it placed around them on all sides thin membranes, called periosteal, on which it caused flesh to grow.”


Corpus Medicorum Graecorum: Galeni de Semine (Galen: On Semen) (Greek text with English trans. Phillip de Lacy, Akademic Verlag, 1992) section I:9:1-10 pp. 92-95, 101

Both Galen and the Koran have one undeniable error

Again,they both said the bones are formed first and then the flesh.That is not true,it has been proven many times the bones in the embryo do not.

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