Abdel-Samad,the Most Famous Muslim in Germany wrote a Book saying Islam and the Islamic World will Collapse

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Germany has around 4 million Muslims or 5% of the population and the most famous Muslim,he says so himself that he is a Muslim, or “Muslim”(it depends on your viewpoint) is historian and political scientist Hamad Abdel-Samad.

1.He was born in 1972 in Egypt and is the son of an imam(the man in charge of a mosque).And he came to Germany in 1995 at the age of 23.

2.In 2009 he wrote Mein Abschied vom Himmel (My Farewell from Heaven) where he expresses his doubts about Islam.

3.A group issued a fatwa against Abdel-Samad and he was put under police protection.

4.Abdel-Samad calls for an “Islam light” in Europe without shariia or Islamic law, jihad, gender apartheid, proselytism.He has criticized the German political establishment for appeasing Islam, while ignoring fears about Islam and so has created resentment in the German population.

5.In 2010 he wrote “The Downfall of the Islamic World”.Again he says he is a Muslim and there he says not that Islam will disappear but that the religion will lose its central role and importance in the hearts of the great majority since they will conclude it has no solutions.He compares the Islamic world with the Titanic.

Magdi Allam

Read about Magdi Allam,the Most Famous Muslim Intellectual of Italy who became an Ex-Muslim

By coincidence he is also from Egypt.


Article about Sven Kalisch,German Convert to Islam and Scholar,who when a Muslim said he had Concluded “Muhammad probably never Existed”:


Article about Sabatina James(not her real name),ex-Muslim,now Christian,from Pakistan:

She also lives in Germany,where Abdel-Samad lives,but has been in hiding for her life for years since her family is trying to kill her in Germany.Her book about it sold 500,000 copies in German.


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Muslim Article criticizing his book “The Downfall of the Islamic World”


Watch this Video where he Says what he means by the “Collapse or Downfall of Islam”:

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