Mona,the Angel of Shiraz,Famous in all Iran,16-Year-Old Girl killed in 1983,Only for Being a Bahai

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Mona,the Angel of Shiraz

The Bahais number 5-6 million and 200,000 live in Iran.Others say about 300,000.But in Iran:

1.Bahaism is not a recognized religion,so much for freedom of religion.

2.More than 200 Bahais have been killed there since 1979,only for their faith.

They are persecuted in Iran and in that sense resemble the Ahmadiyas in Pakistan.Both groups are very peaceful yet they are hated for no good reason.

About the Ahmadiyas

They number about 20 million and their slogan is “Love for All,Hatred for None”.They are the only group claiming to be Muslim that has 100% rejected violent jihad as part of its ideology.Read about their beliefs here:

About the Ahmadiya Scientist Abdus Salam

He is the only scientific genius to appear in the Islamic world in the last 600 years and even won the Nobel Prize.He considered himself Muslim yet 99% of all Muslims say he was not.Read about him here:

What is Bahaism?

It is a religion that derives from Babism

n 1844, a 25 year-old man from Shiraz, Sayyid Mírzá Alí-Muhammad,took the title of the Báb, and claimed to be the promised Mahdi of Islam.The movement quickly spread across the Persian Empire and the Báb himself was executed in 1850 by a firing squad in the public square of Tabriz at the age of 30.

In most of his writings, the Báb alluded to a Promised One, most commonly referred to as “Him who God will make manifest”.According to the Báb, this person who is promised in the sacred writings of previous religions would establish the kingdom of God on Earth and in several of the Báb’s writings state that his coming is imminent.In the books written by the Báb he constantly tells his believers to follow “Him who God will make manifest” when he arrives.”

Extermination of almost all the Followers of the Bab

In 1852 a radical group of Bábís attempted the assassination of the Shah and failed.The group of Bábís linked with the plan, were killed, and in spite of the assassins’ claim that they were working alone, the entire Bábí community was blamed and a general pogrom of them was started by the Shah.About 20,000 were killed and the community was almost entirely exterminated in 1852–1853.

A Man claims to be the One Foretold by the Bab

Bahaullah means Glory of Allah and was the title of Mírzá Ḥusayn-Alí Núrí(1817-1892).He was a Babi at first and was imprisoned for it and later exiled.While there he had several mystical experiences, and that he received a vision of a maiden from God, through who he received his mission as a messenger of God and as the one whose coming the Báb had prophesied.So we have that:

1.He taught that Jesus and Muhammad were real prophets and claimed to be the prophetic fulfilment of Bábism and claimed to be a messenger from God fulfilling the eschatological expectations of Islam, Christianity, and other major religions.

2.He taught that humanity is one single race and that the age has come for its unification in a global society.

3.His claim resulted in persecution and finally to many years confinement in the prison city of Akka, Palestine (present day Israel), where he died.

4.Bahaullah rejected violence as a means to spread his faith.


Those killed by Khomeini in the Name of Islam

In his 10 year rule he killed 100,000 and during the Iran-Irak war of 1980-1988 (which killed 1 million) some 50,000 boys aged 12-18 called basijis willingly ran across the fields full of mines by Iraki soldiers and let themselves be blown up to death.

The reason:to clear the fields for the regular Iranian soldiers and because they were doing it for Islam,believing they would go to paradise instantly,where they would also have beautiful women.It is in the Koran,read:


About Mona

She was 16 year old Iranian girl,a Bahai,who was killed with 9 other Bahai women only for being Bahai.Her father was also killed.She is known in Iran as the Angel of Shiraz,since it was her city.We have:

1.The first video is an interview of a woman who was Mona’s friend.

2.The second video at the end has a list of the names of the Bahais and the year when they were killed by the Iranian government.More than 200 Bahais have been killed since 1979 only and only for being Bahai.

Watch the Great Videos

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