Documentary about the Double-Standards of Many Leftists,not All,regarding the Palestinian Terrorists and Suicide Bombers

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Many Western Leftists have double-standards(not all) where if Israelis kill Palestinian Muslims then they protest immensely but if Non-Palestinian Muslims kill alot of Palestinian Muslims the Left is 100% silent,not a single word of protest.

The Case of Black September

In 1970 king Hussein of Jordan thought the PLO was trying to overthrow him and ordered the Jordanian army to attack them and in the process they killed 5,000 innocent Palestinian men,women and children,it was a massacre and bloodbath.The left did not care,it was 100% silent.

Background Information

Hamas is a religious group,it says so openly. It comes from the phrase Harakat al-Muqawamat al-Islamiyah or just H-A-M-A-S,which means “Islamic Resistance Movement”.

They are anti-human rights,being in favor of killing apostates from Islam,yet many in the Left support Hamas.They in their Hamas Charter blame the Jews for the French revolution,Communist revolution,WW I and WW II,etc.Plus more,they are imperialistic and colonialistic on a world scale,read it all here:

Why the Secular Israeli Government has supported putting 500,000 Jewish Settlers in the Occupied Territory

It is not because they believe God gave it to them but for purely,pragmatic security reasons.

The Only Defect with the Documentary

The maker obviously has not learned that the Koran itself promises:

1.Muslims eternal salvation if they kill and are killed for Allah.

2.Muslim men get at least 2 beautiful women in heaven for sex,even if they are married.

There are alot of non-Muslims(in Africa,India,South America) who are in very desperate situations,who are humiliated,persecuted,exploited,yet they:

1.Do not blow themselves up killing thousands of innocent people.

2.And do it in the name of  X religion.

There is a religious motivation.Here are the Koranic verses.Read:

Who is  innocent?

It appears most Muslims are against these terrorists because they kill innocent persons.But their supporters give the argument that the non-Muslims who are killed are not innocent.All in Western countries are aware by the media, press, radio,of actions taken against Muslims by their governments and they are indifferent,they do not care.It is true,in general,so according to their way of thinking,they are not killing innocents.

And what if real innocents are killed?

In the event a true innocent is killed,a child or an adult,not to worry since they went to heaven,being innocent.

About the Myth of  Suicide Bombers who are Palestinian Christians

One sometimes hears about George Habash,a medical physician (of all things)and head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and that he was a Palestinian and a Christian and a terrorist,so we have a “Christian terrorist who is a Palestinian”.It is not true,read:

Watch the Awesome Documentary in 4 Parts about Leftist Support for Muslim Suicide Bombers who kill Innocents

To see Part 4:

Youtube says you have login to see it because it has material too strong for some viewers

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