The Ahmadis,One of the Two Truly Peaceful and Progressive Group in the Muslim World,that is Rejected as being Muslim by the Sunnis and Shias

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The only other group that says it is Muslim and that is truly peaceful are the Alevis of Turkey,read:

“The Progressive,Peaceful Alevis,a Shia Group,the Second Biggest Religious Group of Turkey”

There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world of which about 90% are Sunni,some 10% are Shia and 20 million are Ahmadis.They are not considered true Muslims by the first two,and they are a fascinating group.They are like the Sunnis and Shias in that they accept the Five Pillars of Islam,which are:

1.The shahada:to say there is one God and Muhammad is his prophet

2.The daily prayers or salat.

3.To fast during Ramadan

4.To do almsgiving or zakat

5.Go on a pilgrimage to Mecca or hajj at least once in a lifetime.

The Founder of the Ahmadis

He was an Indian Muslim called Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1908) and his followers believe that:

1.Military jihad is no longer applicable,it is a thing of the past.That is not accepted by the Sunnis and Shias.In other words,the Ahmadiyas are peaceful.

2.That the second coming of Jesus is not literal but metaphorical,it is an expression,so it can apply to another who is not Jesus.

In reality the second coming of Jesus is nowhere in the Koran.The closest it gets is in a fuzzy passage in chapter 43:57-67.

Jesus and his disciples

3.That Jesus never died but survived crucifixion

One group of Ahmadis believe he went to Kashmir,India and died at the age of 120 and is buried there.There is a tomb there that they claim is that of Jesus.

4.When the Koran talks of the ascension of Jesus it is metaphorical.

Jesus never went to heaven still alive.

5.The Sunnis,at least many, and the Shias believe,though it is nowhere in the Koran,that a great holy man who will bring peace to the world:the Mahdi.The Ahmadis believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was the Messiah and the Mahdi at the same time.In other words,they were really the same person under different titles.

6.That Muhammad was the greatest prophet but not the last,other prophets can come later,like Mirza Ghulam Ahmad,but they would never be as great as Muhammad.

7.That Jesus never did any miracles,the miracles in the Koran attributed to him are metaphors,since how is it possible that the greatest prophet of all Muhammad was not able to do miracles yet Jesus was?


For those Reasons the Sunnis and Shias reject the Ahmadis as True Muslims

However,one can ask in what way their different ideas are so horrible,so radical,so weird,so bad compared to the Salafi-Sunni group that literally believes Allah has a literal face,eyes,hands,a shin or a leg and that Allah sits on a literal throne that is on literal water.

Yet the strange Salafis are accepted as real Muslims even though they say Allah has a literal body.It is obvious the Salafis are even stranger.Read about them here:

The Reactions of Sunnis and Shias

1.Saudi Arabia forbids Ahmadis to enter Mecca since they say they are not Muslim.

2.In 1974 Pakistan passed a law saying that Ahmadiyas were not Muslims.

Admirable Aspects of the Ahmadis

They are the only progressive and peaceful group in the Muslim world,it is the plain truth.We have that:

1.Their slogan is “Love for All,Hatred for None”.

2.They are always establishing free clinics and hospitals everywhere they go:they do not charge anything and accept all the poor.Ahmadiya doctors work for free to help others.

3.They are always establishing free schools and workshops everywhere:they do not charge,it is to educate the poor.

4.They reject,as I noted before,the idea of military,violent jihad as a principle.

About Nabeel Qureshi

He was once an Ahmadi and later became a Christian.He and ex-atheist,now Christian David Wood,formed the famous blog.Nabeel Qureshi has participated in about 10 debates with Muslims debating Islam and Christianity(they are in youtube).One video by David Wood has become wildly famous,it being against the construction of a mosque on Ground Zero in NY called “Of Mosques and Men” which had been viewed by more than 3.5 million(check it out in youtube).

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