Farhan Qureshi,Notable Defender of Islam in Many Debates,of the Muslim Debate Initiative,has left Islam

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Farhan Qureshi was an Ahmadiya Muslim who later became a Sunni Muslim and was a very ardent defender of Islam for many years.You can find his debates in defense of Islam in youtube.He has debated several notable Christians on different subjects,regarding Christianity and Islam.He was a member of the Muslim Debate Initiative,which has held several debates,which are in youtube.He was not the only debater of the group there are others:Just very recently he has publicly said he no longer believes in Islam.

He lives in the US and each year in the US:

1. We have that 30,000 non-Muslims convert to Islam and 20,000 Muslims convert to Christianity.

2.Most of the converts to Islam are women.

3.And 75% of the converts to Islam leave it within 5 years.

4.The 20,000 figure is only for those ex-Muslims who become Christian,not for those who leave Islam and do not convert to Christianity.That makes it more than 20,000 those who are born Muslim and leave it.

5.Farhan Qureshi numbers among the the latter group.

From a Member of the Muslim Debate Initiative to being a Member of Faithfreedom.org,(website of ex-Muslim,atheist and Iranian Ali Sina)

The 4 most famous anti-Islam websites in the world are:

1.The Christian website called answering-islam.org(with alot of reference articles):


2.The website by Ali Sina called faithfreedom.org:


3.The website by Robert Spencer called jihadwatch.org:


4.And wikiIslam(with 1400 articles,a real encyclopedia):


Farhan Qureshi wrote a Public Declaration of his Decision to leave Islam

He is a talented writer,having a magnificent style and literary skill.In his article “I Declare my Apostasy”(May 10,2011) he explains why he left and that he will now write articles for faithfreedom.org.

In Islamic-Sharia Law if you leave Islam you are to be executed,that is traditional Islamic law for 1,400 years and in the article Farhan Qureshi says:

Perhaps the most important realization I have come to is that I would receive the death penalty under Shariah law for simply coming to these conclusions or realizations. This disturbs me to the core and demonstrates how the Ummah uses fear tactics under its Shariah system in order to preserve and strengthen their theological and political agenda.”


That was his First Article in Faithfreedom.org

Later he wrote a second one on May 20,2011 to explain to his Muslim friends more on why he had left Islam and emphasized 3 points:

1.The reason why he chose to write for the anti-Islam website faithfreedom.org

2.His rejection of the doctrine of hell

3.His acceptance of spiritual,religious universalism.


Read the Article on Two other Famous People who have also left Islam,but in 2010

They were Sven Kalisch,German convert to Islam and Islamic scholar,who in 2008 had said that using scholarly methodology he had come to the conclusion that “Muhammad probably did not exist”,.

And David Myatt,founder of a leading neo-nazi organization in the UK,racist,who converted to Islam and later left.



Debates of Farhan Qureshi with Christians when he still believed in Islam

1.David Wood,ex-atheist,Christian,whose blog is answeringmuslims.com.The debates they had were:

a.”Can we Trust the Koran?”


b.”Who was Muhammad?”

2.Tony Costa,Christian,who has also debated the famous Shabir Ally,the most capable of the Muslim debaters.

The debates were:

a.”Did Paul distort the Christian Faith?”

You can hear the debate here:


b.“Was Muhammad assured of his Salvation?”


Panel Discussion between Muslims Osama Abdallah and Farhan Qureshi and Christians Nabeel Qureshi and Tony Costa

The theme was “Why should I embrace Christianity or Islam?”


3.A debate with James White,Christian scholar,whose website is Alpha and Omega Ministries.The website is:


The debate was:

“Did Jesus claim to be God?”(2008,here incomplete)


4.Sam Shamoun,Christian,of Assyrian extraction,whose articles are in the famous anti-Islam website called answering-islam.org.That website is one of the most famous and read.Shamoun has also participated many times in abnsat.com’s program “Jesus or Muhammad”.To see abnsat.com’s “Jesus or Muhammad” programs,debates and “Jihad Exposed” shows,plus more,go to:


The debate was:

“Is the Trinity in the Old Testament?”


5.Nabeel Qureshi,ex-Ahmadiya Muslim,now Christian,a friend of David Wood,whose blog is also answeringmuslims.com.
The debate was “Who was Jesus?”


Watch the David Wood and Farhan Qureshi Debate:”Who was Muhammad?”(2009)




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