Muslims Against Crusades – but not against Muslim propaganda

| May 8, 2011 | Comments (0)

In the west they have the freedom to burn the poppy in protest against soldiers engaging in Afghanistan, Iraq and other places. Try protesting against Islam in an Islamic state. Such protests, have we have seen across the Muslim world will be met with brutal force. I see a backlash coming in the UK in the not too distant future: the natives will not stand for this for much longer. This seems inevitable given the current tensions we’ve already witnessed between the EDL and certain Muslim groups. Having watched this video it appears there are some Muslims who are looking forward to such a conflict.

Notice how these Muslims oppose the west for going into Muslim lands but see nothing wrong with Muslim imperialists doing vice versa. I’d rather not have someone else’s ideology forced down my throat at the point of a sword, but I don’t see non-Muslims being given any choice if these Shariaists get their way.

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