The Documentary “Blaming the Jews”,regarding Judeophobia among Muslims

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In one part of the documentary a Palestinian Muslim says the Holocaust did not happen and even if it did they had nothing to do with it.The truth is different.Read:

About the Blood Libel

In another part the maker of the documentary talks about it.The Blood Libel was a belief that began in the Middle Ages that every year the Jews would kill a Christian child to mix his blood with the Passover unleavened bread.It is false.Many believed it.

Lack of Knowledge

What the maker does not say is that that idea was never ever at all propagated by the Catholic Church.Between 1247 and 1760 it made reports denouncing the accusations as false.The idea began when in England in 1144,on Easter Day,a Catholic priest’s 12-year old nephew William, disappeared and was found dead. William’s family was known as anti-Jewish and they accused the Jews of having killed him.An investigation was made by both the sheriff and the local bishop,several Jews were jailed for some days and found innocent.Nobody was executed.We have that:

1.Pope Innocent IV made 4 papal bulls and statements (3 in 1247) and one in 1253 saying the Blood Libel was false.

2.Pope Gregory X in another papal bull in 1272 repeated that the idea was utterly false.

3.Pope Martinus V in a papal bull in 1422 condemned it.

4.Pope Nicolas V in a bull in 1447 again repeated it.

5.Pope Sixtus IV condemned the 1475 Blood Libel case in Trent(a town now in Italy,which at the time was part of the Holy Roman Empire).He was supported by the Archduke of Austria Sigismund IV (1430-1496).

6.Pope Paul III wrote a bull in 1540 condemning the Blood Libel as false.

7.Pope Clemens XIII in 1760 issued another papal bull condemning the idea.

Read these 2 great articles with lots of details about the Blood Libel affair

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Watch the Video “Blaming the Jews”,in 4 parts:

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