Sven Kalisch,German Convert and Professor,and David Myatt,Ex-NeoNazi Leader,have left Islam

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Sven Kalisch (born 1966)

Sven Kalisch,formerly called Muhammad Sven Kalisch,is a German who converted to Islam at age 15 and became a Muslim scholar.He was the first person in Germany to hold a Chair of Islam,specifically in the University of Munster in 2004.Four years later,still in the same university(as he still is today) in 2008 he astounded the world by saying that after extensive research he had come to the conclusion that “Muhammad probably never existed”.

That shocked Germany’s approximately 4 million Muslims,or 5% of the population.He was just using the same very skeptical methods that some non-Christians accept and conclude that:

1.Jesus probably never existed (atheist Richard Carrier,atheist Robert Price)

2.The Gospel of Thomas was written around 50 AD(Jesus Seminar)

3.There is a Gospel of the Cross which can be extracted from the 2nd century Gospel of Peter and which is from around 50 AD and all four gospels (Matthew,Luke,Mark,John) were based on it (ex-priest John Dominic Crossan,one of the founders of the Jesus Seminar).

4.The 4 gospels were written around 150 AD(atheist Robert Price)

5.Jesus definitely did not exist (Earl Doherty)

So what?

The point is that Muslim debaters like Ali Ataie and Shabir Ally cite many of the ideas obtained by this methodology and yet don’t accept the results of the same method when applied to the Koran and Muhammad.Kalisch did that for Muhammad and came to the conclusion he probably didn’t exist.

Read this Article on Kalisch’s Declaration in 2008 about Muhammad(by  the Wall Street Journal)

Kalisch has left Islam

He is still a professor at the University of Munster,Germany but in 2010 he left Islam.

Two Articles about Kalisch Leaving Islam in 2010,outspoken-german-professor-of-islam-is-no-longer-a-muslim.html

David Myatt (born 1950)

His life and career has taken 3 turns,all of the surprising.He is British and his trajectory is:

Life as a Neo-Nazi,Racist Leader

1.He is the founder and first leader of the neo-nazi British group called the National Socialist Movement.It is not to be confused with another,earlier British neo-nazi group with the same name founded by Colin Jordan.

One of the members of Myatt’s party was David Copeland, the London nail-bomber,and local unit leader for his area. Copeland received six life sentences for his April 1999 bombing campaign against London’s black, Asian, and gay communities, which killed three people, including a pregnant woman, and injured 129, some of who lost limbs.

2.Myatt then was 100% racist and against non-whites.As a neo-nazi he was very judeophobe,a hater of the Jews.

3.In November 1997, Myatt wrote “The Practical Guide to Aryan Revolution” on a website run out of British Columbia, Canada. The pamphlet included chapter titles such as “Assassination,” “Terror Bombing,” and “Racial War.”It had a detailed step-by-step guide for terrorist insurrection with advice on assassination targets, rationale for bombing and sabotage campaigns, and rules of engagement.

Life as a Muslim

In 1998 Myatt became a Muslim and renounced racism.However he adopted the following ideas:

1.He supported the suicide bombers who have killed hundreds of innocents in Israel.

2.He said the Holocaust was a hoax,it never happened.

3.It is obvious he was as judeophobic as when he was a neo-nazi.

4.He was also for killing apostates of Islam.

Article of him when he was a Muslim(written in 2006):

Life as an Ex-Muslim

He left Islam in 2010 and began a new movement,a mystical one called “The Numinous Way“.It seems he has left all hatred behind.He now emphasizes peace and empathy among all humans.Here is his website:

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  • Peter Shearer

    In the news article on Kalisch it says the following: “The earliest biography, of which no copies survive, dated from roughly a century after the generally accepted year of his death, 632, and is known only by references to it in much later texts.”
    Is there any known reason why such an important book ‘disappeared’? It seems unlikely that would be a random chance event? You would think that there would be at least one mosque that possessed a copy. Is it known for sure that the book existed at all? For instance, H.P. Lovecraft invented the Necronomicon for his horror stories. Despite the fact that the Necronomicon  never existed, there are some who quote from it as if it did exist! Obviously, they are making things up.

    If the book IS an historical fact,has anyone discussed the possibility that it wasn’t about Muhammad at all but was about some unnamed ‘religious teacher’ and therefore the book was taken out of circulation to hide that fact.  That way, the book still ‘exists’ for biographical citations but it doesn’t exist as an object for historical and textual analysis.

    • esperanto

      I never thought of that,even that is possible.I have not yet been able to read Spencer’s book on it but he must certainly know your argument.

      That Ibn Ishaq was about somebody else and then they changed it.Maybe about an Arab general who united them in the 7th century,even led them against the Persians and Byzantines and who was later changed into a prophet.

      • Peter Shearer

        Thanx Esperanto. I haven’t yet read Did Muhammad Exist either although I will sometime next month. That may be good place to start to get an answer to my question. If you ever hear anything about this, please post here if you have the time. I will check this article periodically just in case you run across a possible answer.

        By the way, I do like your site. I’m pretty much a history buff and this site does a very good job of filling in the holes in my knowledge about Islamic history. Thanx for that.

  • Mahmood Hussain

    of Prophet Muhammad(saw)’s Presence.

    the name of Allah the Most Merciful.

    Dear, I do respect
    your scholarly abilities and really appreciate your search for the truth but
    sometimes we make mistakes in doing so and start making blunders, this never
    happens intentionally but due to lack of knowledge . And knowledge is given by
    God All Mighty but the knowledge given to us is very little as it says in the

    Surah Bani Israel

    the knowledge ye have been vouchsafed but little.”

    Now having this little
    knowledge we miscalculate and misjudge now coming to your article about the
    presence of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the most important thing is that in
    that issue we should not rely upon history or men made verifications or proofs,
    as history is only a slave of the historian.

    In this context I am
    agree with you that all the histories are written and compiled by human not by
    the God.

    In order to verify
    certain things we need specific perimeter and criteria but to verify a prophet
    or his prophet hood the required perimeters and criteria must not be made by
    human because the involvement of men make questions about authenticity, to
    verify a chemical we should not go to a milk shop.


    My friend this is not
    the first time that you have doubts about a prophet, his prophet hood or
    presence the history goes back to the period of Prophet Adam (A.S). The
    followers of different prophets kept on asking verifications and proofs to
    justify the presence and prophet hood of a true prophet not only asking but
    have been asking their prophets to show miracles, and by the wish of God
    different prophets performed miracles to their respective followers, for your
    information all these miracles were not to prove the real and true God but to
    prove that the person showing the miracle was sent by the real God and to prove
    his presence as well.

    Now in this regard I
    either don’t trust any theologian or historian because they are not the most
    authentic. I need some authentic proof not by any human only a real God Himself
    can prove the presence and prophet hood of His prophet by some miracle. Is it
    possible? Yes it is possible; the miracle is there “The Holy Quran”.

    Now the question is
    that is Quran a miracle to prove the real and the True God? No, the answer is
    not because the miracles were always shown to prove that the person in
    connection is the real and true prophet sent by the True and the “All Mighty Allah”,
    so in this case the Quran is the miracle to prove that the Prophet Muhammad
    (pbuh) was the real and true prophet sent by the True God Himself.


    Now in this case if
    the Quran is claiming to be a miracle then obviously this miracle is to prove
    and verify that the person to who it belongs to is really sent by the true God
    the All Mighty.

    Remember this miracle
    is very unique because it not for only one occasion but remains a miracle for
    the years to come to prove the presence of the real prophet.

    Question is why the
    Quran is claiming to be miracle let verify that first, my friend I have very
    little knowledge but a professor having knowledge like yours will be able to
    understand the reality.

    1.  The
    Quran is written in Arabic in very simple way so that everyone can understand

    2.   During that period in Arab there was no
    tradition of writing ‘prose’.

    3.   The Quran seems it is ‘prose’ but it has
    rhetoric so I may say it is similar to ‘poetry’.

    4.  The
    Quran seems that it is ‘poetry’ but doesn’t follow all the criteria of poetry
    it is similar to ‘prose’ again.

    5.   The Quran seems it is all written in
    interrogative sentence but on the same time it looks an answer book for all.

    6.  The
    Quran seems it is a book of statements.

    7.  The
    Quran seems it is all written in imperative form and so many other reasons that
    it remains an enigma for scholars and linguistics.

    you better try to produce something like that, this challenge is not from
    myself but the Author of the book the Lord Himself. In Quran it says.

    1.  Surah
    Baqarah ( 2:23)

    And if you are any uncertainty about what We
    have revealed to Our servant then produce a Surah similar to it, and invite
    your witness except Allah, if you are truthful (in your claim).


    2.  Surah
    At-Toor (52 :33-34)

    Or do they say that you have concocted it (the
    Quran). Nay; they do not believe then they must bring a new discourse to it if
    they are truthful.


    Now I put everything
    in front of you the ball is in your court try it and do it according to the
    perimeter set by the Quran, the perimeters are as follows for your convenience.

    1.  Replicate
    the Quran’s literary form.

    2.  Match
    the unique linguistic nature of the Quran.

    3.  Select
    and arrange words like that of the Quran.

    4.  Select
    and arrange similar grammatical particles.

    5.  Match
    the Quran’s super eloquence and sound.

    6.  Equal
    the Quran’s frequency of rhetorical devices.

    7.  Match
    the level of content and informativeness.

    8.  Equal
    the Quran’s conciseness and flexibility.




    you and your friend cannot do this then you have to accept in your heart that
    the poof and verification is there for the prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad


    all the doubts from your mind and heart and always try to follow the true
    knowledge because knowledge is light and light is better than darkness.

    you got your verification then please pray for me.



    Hussain (Be Nawa)


    21, 2012.


    • esperanto

      Thanks for the feedback.I see you are interested in different opinions.Now what I will say will seem to you and most readers to be science-fiction:

      1.A man called Joel Richardson has written a book called “The Islamic Antichrist”.You can read like 50% of the book free here: 

      2.And to know more of what is in the book go to youtube and write “Joel Richardson”.

      3.He says soon a Muslim man claiming to be the Mahdi will appear.

      4.And then a man who looks like Jesus will appear and be with the Mahdi and say Islam is true.

      5.The 2 will create a caliphate and begin a war against non-Muslims.All of that is part of Islamic doctrine.

      6.Joel Richardson says that in reality those 2 are the Antichrist and the False Prophet who appear in Revelation.

      7.But Muslims will become even more convinced Islam is true because of them and there will be a mass apostasy of Christians to Islam.They will say the Bible is false.

      AND THEN

      In Islam is the belief of the “Al-Masih ad-Dajjal/the False Messiah”(the Islamic Antichirst),it appears in the hadiths many times.Islamic doctrine says the Dajjal:

      1.Will say he is Jesus

      2.Will say he is God.

      3.There will be a great battle between the Mahdi/Islamic Jesus vs the Dajjal.

      In Christian doctrine Jesus will come a second time,and say he is God.And he will fight the Antichrist and the False Pophet  in a great battle.


      There will be 2 men saying they are Jesus:one saying Islam is true,another saying Christianity is true.Just read the material,I know you won’t be convinced but it is important you know there are different options.

      • Dou

        “The term messiah is applied to that righteous one whose touch (mas-h) has been blessed by God, and whose breath, preaching and words are life-giving. Then this word was applied particularly to that prophet who did not fight wars, but reformed people through spiritual blessings only.”
        (Ayyam as-Sulh, p. 69)“It is written in the Lisan al-`Arab, p. 431 [Dictionary of Arabic] that Jesus was called the Messiah because he travelled in the earth, and was not settled anywhere. The same is given in Taj al-`Arus and Qamus [Dictionaries]. It is also written that Messiah is he who has been touched (mas-h) with good and blessing; i.e. good and blessing have been placed in his nature, so much so that his very touch gives blessings. This name was given to Jesus, and is given by God to whom He pleases.”
        (Masih Hindustan Main, p. 71)“Messiah is a title which was given to Jesus, meaning `one who touches God’, `partakes of Divine favours’, the `vicegerent of God’, and `one who adopts truth and righteousness’.”
        “Mahdi is a title given to the Holy Prophet Muhammad, meaning rightly-guided by instinct, heir to all guidance, and the full reflection of the Divine attribute Guide.”
        (Zameema Jihad, p. 6)“I have definitely not claimed that I am Jesus, son of Mary. The person who levels this allegation against me is a liar and a fabricator. On the contrary, I have been constantly publishing for seven or eight years that I am the like of the Messiah. That is to say, God has put in my nature some of the spiritual characteristics and habits and morals of Jesus, peace be upon him. And there are many other aspects, which I have explained in these books, in terms of which my life bears a great similarity to that of Jesus. It is not a new development on my part that in these books I have considered myself to be that Promised one whose advent is prophesied implicitly in the Holy Quran and explicitly in Hadith.”SEE BROTHER YOU WILL LOSE IF YOU FIGHT JESUS HE IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE ETERNAL LIFE WITHOUT JESUS YOU WILL BE A LOSER AND NEVER LIVE  OR DIE IN HELL  AND YOU WILL NOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN PRAISE THE LORD JESUS OF NAZARETH AND THE FATHER THE ONE AND ONLY GOD MY ETERNAL LOVE THE MOST HIGH

    • hugh watt

      I have some questions.
      “1. The Quran is written in Arabic in very simple way so that everyone can understandit.”
      It was edited in the dialect of the Quraish by Uthman and is to be understood in that vein. How then can it be understood by everyone?
      “3. The Quran seems it is ‘prose’ but it has rhetoric so I may say it is similar to ‘poetry’.”
      How is this proof of Divine Origin?
      “4. The Quran seems that it is ‘poetry’ but doesn’t follow all the criteria of poetryit is similar to ‘prose’ again.”
      Same question as above.
      “5. The Quran seems it is all written in interrogative sentence but on the same time it looks an answer book for all.”
      It gives wrong answers to a number of topics.  
      “6. The Quran seems it is a book of statements.”
      Same as above.
      “7. The Quran seems it is all written in imperative form and so many other reasons thatit remains an enigma for scholars and linguistics.”
      One can make that claim for any book, but if the book has historical and scientific errors how could it be from God? 

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  • unmai

    Al-Quran 47:2, And those who believe and do righteous deeds and believe in what has been sent down upon Muhammad – and it is the truth from their Lord – He will remove from them their misdeeds and amend their condition.

  • unmai

    “Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but (he is) the Apostle of God, and the Seal of the Prophets: and God has full knowledge of all things. (The Noble Quran, 33:40)”