Why the Secular Israeli Government has Supported 500,000 Jewish Settlers in the Occupied Area

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Israel has:

1.A population of 7,650,000 million people.

2.Of which 20% are Arabs (the vast majority are Muslim)or 1,500,000.

3.And 80% are Jewish or more than 6,100,000.Israel now has the biggest Jewish population in the world,having surpassed the Jewish population in the US.

4.Of the Jews no less than 80% are secular,non-religious or almost 5 million.

5.So the percentage of people in Israel who literally believe the West Bank belongs to Israel because God gave it to the Jewish people is a fraction,or 1.2 million.

6.Israel has 2 official languages,Hebrew and Arabic.

Most in Israel are for “Land for Real Peace”

The leaders of Israel are secular,non-religious Jews who don’t believe Israel should keep the West Bank forever for religious reason.The polls show that the 20% of Arabs in Israel and the majority of Jewish Israelis are in favor of:

1.Land for Peace:getting out of the occupied territories.

2.But only if real peace is guaranteed by the Muslims.

Gestures by the Secular Government Toward Peace

1.In 1967 was the 6 day war where Israel conquered the Golan Heights,Gaza(left in 2005),East Jerusalem and the West Bank.Believe it or not after the war Israel seriously offered to leave the areas in return for peace,for peace treaties with the Arab-Muslim countries.It was rejected by them.

2.In 2000 Israel left southern Lebanon as a gesture of peace,it was “land for peace”.It had been there for 22 years since 1978.The result:Hezbullah occupied it and began sending thousands of rockets trying to kill Jews.

3.In 2005 Israel left the Gaza area,which it had occupied since 1967, as a gesture of peace,it was “land for peace”.It also took out the Jewish settlers of 21 Jewish towns that had been established there.The result:Hamas was elected and began sending thousands of rockets trying to kill Jews.

The History of Jewish Settement in the West Bank,East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights

Why would secular,non-religious governments encourage them?It is not for religious reasons.The answer is geography and security.But first let’s look at the statistics:

1.In 1967:no Jewish settlers.

2.In 1972:more than 10,000.

3.In 1983:about 107,000.

4.In 1993:about 282,000.

5.In 2004:about 441,000.

6.In 2009:about 515,000.


Israel is a very small country,very narrow.This will made clear in the video below.The secular leaders of Israel have little faith that if a peace treaty is made it will be respected by the Muslims.Sooner or later hundreds or thousands of rockets would be shot at West Jerusalem and the other cities in Israel from a West Bank,East Jerusalem and Golan Heights if the Israeli army leaves.

Their objective is to make the Israeli settlements in the occupied areas become a fait accompli in a future peace treaty.Why?Not for religious reasons,not at all,but for geographical and security reasons,as is explained in the video below.

Watch this Fascinating Video

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