Analysis of the TV Program “Do We Misunderstand Islam?”

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Analysis of the UK program “The Big Questions” with its theme “Do We Misunderstand Islam?”(March 2010)

It has:

1.Myriam Francois Cerrah,a convert to Islam

Do we misunderstand Islam?

Do we misunderstand Islam?

2.Mehdi Hassan,a Muslim,Editor of “The New Statesman”

3.Reverend Peter Owen Jones,a Christian clergyman

4.Beverly Knight,black UK singer,who has a degree in theology

What Mehdi Hassan said:

1.”Islam is not what Muslims do.”

2.”The vast majority are not extremists.”

Very True:

Islam is at least what is in the Koran,all Muslims will agree to that:Sunni,Shia,hadith-accepting Muslims,Koran-only Muslims,etc.Islam is not what a Muslim does but what is in the Koran.

What does the Koran Have?

Among other things it has:

1.A Muslim man can beat his wife (chapter 4:34)

2.Allah is literally responsible for causing enmity and hatred in Christians till the Day of Resurrection (chapter 5:14)

3.Allah is literally responsible for the same thing among Jews (chapter 5:64)

4.A Muslim man can have sex with his wife at will,she is like his field,which is a property (chapter 2:223).You don’t have to ask your property for permision.

Are those Verses Extremist?

The answer is yes.For example, if the Koran cursed women/blacks/brown people till the Day of Resurrection would that not be extremist?Of course it would.

What Reverend Peter Owen Jones said:

He said he was against a literalist interpretation of scripture.Mmmm,I agree parts of the Koran can be interpreted metaphorically but the ones given can not.They are very clear.Nothing one says is going to change the fact.

What Beverly Knight said:

She had the same opinion.It is obvious you can have a degree in theology and yet not learn basics:”A clear verse is a clear verse”.

A clear verse is “there is a heaven“,”there is a hell“,”there is only one God”(all of which are in the Koran).And also:

“You can beat your wife“,”I,Allah have put enmity and hatred in the Jews till the Day of Resurrction”,etc.

She also said:”Anjem Choudary (Note:a UK Muslim who wants Sharia Law) and my mate Muhammad(Note:a friend of hers) are not the same thing”.


That is irrelevant,what is relevant is what is in the Koran.

Another Argument by Mehdi Hassan:

That 30 years ago Communism was the enemy,now it is Islam.It is irrevelant.Let us say Communism never appeared,that is not going to change the fact that the Koran (the heart of Islam) has extremist parts.


Not said by Mehdi Hassan but which one hears:”Muslims are the Jews of our time.”

Let us say it is true,that there were no Muslim terrorist organizations in the West,no calls for Sharia Law.That will not change the fact that the Koran has extremist passages.The Koran itself is extremist,comprendes?(do you understand?)(“Comprendes” is the correct way to say it,not “comprende” which means “understands”)

Myriam Francois Cerrah ended the show with:

“Islamophobia is on the rise”

A phobia is an irrational fear.Is is irrational to fear a religion that has extremist passages in its text,that Koran,such as I showed?Not at all.So the saying:”An irrational fear of Islam(Islamophobia) is on the rise” is incorrect.The correct phrase is:”Rational Fear of Islam is on the rise.”

She also said:

“Just because you believe something is the word of God does not mean you have to take it literally.”

True.But there are parts that are crystal clear and which cause what is known as a clash of civilizations,it is not an invention,it really exists.

Here is the program:




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