The Probability God raised Jesus from the Dead=only 97%

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RICHARD SWINEBURNE,a Christian philosopher and Oxford professor,wrote “The Resurrection of God Incarnate”in 2003.

He shows the mathematical calculations he used to be able to use BAYE’S THEOREM(it’s a complicated equation used to calculate probabilities).


First,the 4 gospel accounts constituted ONLY 5% of the evidence.

1.He put the probability of the EXISTENCE of GOD=50%.

2.If God exists then the probability he became incarnate=50%.
3.Probability the 4 gospels would report the life and resurrection of Jesus accurately=10%.

4.1 in 1000 the probability we would have all this evidence if it was NOT true.
So in spite of all that he got:the probability that God resurrected Jesus from the dead=97%.


CRITICISM OF HIS BOOK(that really it should be less that 97%):

Now SWINEBURNE,from what I know,did NOT use the convincing Messianic prophecies as part of his argument as to WHY his calculations should be accepted.
Or maybe it is NOT his strong point(DR. MICHAEL BROWN,the Messianic Jewish scholar,would have given alot of proof).

THE AMAZING MICHAEL BROWN(Jewish believer in Jesus):

Here is a link that has:
“Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus”:

1.General Objections.
2.Historical Objections.
3.Theological Objections.
4.Messianic Objections.
5.New Testament Objections.
6.Traditional Objections.

So when reading this CRITIQUE of Swineburne’s book please note Richard Swineburne did not know of,or for X reason did not give,ALL the evidence he could have:


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