Allah in the Koran is not All-Knowing

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In 625 AD was the battle of UHUD,near Mecca,where 3,000 Meccans defeatd 1,000 Muslims.The Muslims were in shock.Allah says he let them be defeated so he COULD KNOW who was a real believer,who wasn’t.
SURA 3:140:
“If you have received a blow, the (disbelieving) people have received a blow the like thereof. These are the vicissitudes which We cause to follow one another for mankind, to the END that ALLAH MAY KNOW those WHO BELIEVE and MAY CHOOSE WITNESSES from AMONG YOU; and Allah loves not wrong-doers.”

The 3 Muslims(PICKTHAL(British convert)/SHAKIR/YUSUFALI) all say “MAY KNOW” in regard to Allah:

It is written:”para que(so that/in order to) Allah DISTINGA (verb “differentiate”)QUIENES (who) son los que creen(verbe”to believe”).”

It has:”AFIN(so that/in order to) que DIEU RECONNAISSE CEUX(God SHOULD RECONIZE those) qui ONT CRU(have believed).”

The info comes from NAKDIMON,who participates in found the information in one of his youtube videos(rebuttals to SAMI ZAATARI,a Muslim).It is in minute 1:45 of his video.He is Jewish and also a believer in Jesus:

Here is the beginning of his rebuttal of SAMI ZAATARI:

JOEL ROSENBERG identifies with the Jewish people.His father is Jewish(and also a Jesus believer),his mother non-Jewish.His father’s parents were Orthodox Jews.His has written 2 GREAT BOOKS:

Iran with the help of GOG(Russian dictator) tries to destroy Israel.It has a great love story in it also,plus an ex-director of Mosad who had become a believer in Jesus.

2.The non-fiction book INSIDE THE REVOLUTION:HOW THE FOLLOWERS OF JIHAD,JEFFERSON AND JESUS ARE BATTLING TO DOMINATE THE MIDDLE EAST AND TRANSFORM IT (it has about how many Muslims are becoming Christian,with 1 MILLION having done so in IRAN):

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  • debora

    apart from this, isnt it strange that all allahs messangers (noah, abraham, adam, lot etc etc) were muslims and they were sent 2 earth 2 preach islam. but how come none of the succeeded in it so allah had 2 send his millionth messanger muhammad in order to restore the message? isnt this also a kind of sign that allah is not all-knowing. i mean he had been spending so much time on spreading islam but only muhammad managed to do it. all his other messangers failed. so what was the purpose of sending them, if i may ask?
    it looks from ur article that he always needs some tests in order 2 discover the truth. i mean, true god should know stuff in advance and not embarrass himself like allah..

  • minoria-esperanto

    Hello Debora:
    The case against the Koran is ACCUMULATIVE.It is not justone thing or two but like 5 or more details.Of course anybody is free to believe what they wish but religious Muslims,when in power,due to a fear of hell,take away freedom of religion as it should be.

  • debora

    “And what is that in thy right hand, O Moses?

    He [Moses] said, ‘It is my rod: on it I lean; with it I beat down fodder for my flocks; and in it I find other uses.” (Surah 20:17-18)

    looks like allah is ignorant one more time :) y i am not surprised…