Was Nostradamus a True Prophet(1503-1566)?The Evidence Proves he Was Not

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(Michel de Nostradamus)

In the documentaries about him they say he is the greatest prophet of all time, but what they don’t say is that every time he made a prophecy with a date it never came true.

The name of Nostradamus was not his real family name but a nickname he gave himself and it means “Our Lady” in reference to the Virgin Mary.

A detail NEVER mentioned by the documentaries

1.It is obviously because of fear or political correctness.Nostradamus talks of 3 Antichrists.

2.And for him the third one,the worst one,the one who,according to his believers will come,is a Muslim.

3.And that evil man will attack Europe with an army.

He wrote:

Out of the country of Greater Arabia will be born a strong master of Mohammed(Note:a Muslim).

He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban.

He will be the terror of humanity. Never more horror.”

(Quatrain 9:73,in “The Prophecies” by Nostradamus)

(The 3rd Antichrist,wearing his Blue Turban,a Muslim)

The Case against him

He wrote a book called “The Prophecies” in which we have poems of 4 verses ( quatrains ). He said:

1. In 1607 the Catholic Church would conduct widespread persecution of astrologers ( quatrain 8-71 ).


2. In 1607 the Arabs would capture the King of Morocco ( quatrain 6-54 ).


3. In 1609 a monk from Campania ( in Italy ) would be elected Pope ( quatrain 10-91 ).


4. In 1700 Turkey would conquer vast areas of Europe ( quatrain 1-49 ).


5. In 1727 the Turks would capture the King of Persia ( quatrain 3-77 ).


The Great Disaster supposed to Happen in July 1999

Then there is quatrain 10-72:

” The year 1999, seventh month ( July ),
from the sky (Note: an atomic bomb?) will come a great King of terror

to bring back to life the great king of the Mongols,
before and after Mars ( Note: the Greek god of war ) to reign by good luck. ”


The great king of terror was supposed to be:

1.A great meteor

2.Or the Antichrist ( Note: turn 999 of 1999 upside down and you get 666, which is the supposed to give us the name of the Antichrist in the book of Revelation )

2.Or a nuclear war. None of that came true.

One explanation by his followers about why it did not come true 

Then it was said that since Nostradamus wrote his book before the reform of the calender in 1582. The Gregorian calendar we have now,Nostradamus died in 1566 ), so then it was really to be in July 2000 or 2001, so we weren’t safe yet, but those years passed and nothing happened in the month of July.

A Book to Read

famous skeptic who has written about why Nostradamus is not a real prophet is James Randi in “The Mask of Nostradamus” (1993).

For more details

Here is a great article by Steve Bright on Nostradamus’ accuracy:


Also in documentary critical of Nostradamus,“Mystery Files:Nostradamus”,it has a scholar who has determined Nostradamus simply copied from other books.

An amazing example of Political Correctness

The History Channel launched several programs called “The Nostradamus Effect” and in one called “The Nostradamus Effect-the Third Antichrist” it talks of how he seems to have said that the first Antichrist would be Napoleon,the second would be Hitler and the third would be the worst.Yet they NEVER say what Nostradamus says,the third Antichrist would be a Muslim(a native from Arabia,a Muslim, who wears a blue turban).See it here:


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