Steve Pavlina and personal development, his dangerous influence

| February 7, 2010 | Comments (5)

I write this note and in fact, start this new thread on my blog in reaction to a phenomenon I believe to be extremely dangerous in the United States and indeed, across the world. I might just have a different perspective on it, being a foreigner, a frenchman, but it just doesn’t seem right to me. That literally millions of young americans would flock to this website of Mr Steve Pavlina and others of these so called self-development sites just astonishes me. But is is the sad reality, that these young adults, not having any vision for their life, no real values to lean on, no hope, would believe anything this guru would tell them. It’s incredible how people wait for someone else to show them the way. The reality is that they are completely lost, and therefore need direction. This position makes them very vulnerable and they listen to any authoritative voice. If you don’t have a vision for your life, if you do not see where you want to go and who you want to be, it won’t be long before somebody else dictates you what to do. Often it’s more subtle than that, you really think you are using you free will when in fact you are just being influenced by someone speaking into your life. The website I’m mainly talking about here, you can check it out for yourself, is called, and it has an enormous success.

Steve is a successful businessman who has built his fame and fortune by becoming this “guru” of self-development. In other words, he tells people how to live their lives and they love it. What’s disturbing in his whole approach is that he is a clever man who knows how to manipulate others. Very critical towards all religions, he has, in a sense, created his own. It’s in line with the adoration of the ego, the self-centeredness and the me, me-ism.” It’s all about me-me-me “. My happinness, my well-being, my development, my pleasure, my satisfaction…nothing new under the sun…

Very old philosophy in fact, and it’s called disobedience, rebellion, it’s called carnality. What is really is, is the rejection of a God who created us and the disparition of any accountability towards him. I am my own God. The problem here is that when people stop believing in God, they end up believing not in nothing, but rather in anything. The so-called modern philosophies, the new techniques, the new-age, are not new at all. In the old days they were called paganism, idol-worship. Even the generation of Abraham believed in the Gods of the Sun, the Earth, the Sea. It all boils down to one thing : worshipping the creature instead of the creator. It is a fascination for what is created, but the author of life is brushed aside like an obsolete theory.

In what spiritual state are these people? In a desperate state, ready to drink at any well. There is a water that can quench their thirst. If they drink of this water of life, they will never thirst again. If you are going to be influenced, which you would be, whether you like it or not, be influenced by the right power. There is a power over your life that controls you and will lead you to destruction. But there is another power that is gentle, and if you learn its ways, and how to surrender, you will flourish in every area of your life. Follow me on this journey and you will not regret it. This is only my first post on this topic but I am planning to write a lot more. Please feel free to leave comments, we’re gonna work together for a new voice to be heard. Why would we stay silent when the wolves have come to steal the sheeps, when the thieves come to kill, steal and destroy? We want to be this oasis in the spiritual desert, a well that will satisfy and lead to life in aboundance. I can’t wait until my next post. Coming soon.

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  • Louche

    LOL, this post is pathetic. Steve Pavlina is awesome and has nothing to do with religion. Where he starts to get a little bit superstitious, I ignore him. But, for the most part, he’s one of the most down-to-earth people on this planet. You, however, are not. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I never gave a crap about religion before I came across Steve Pavlina, and he himself was once Catholic, so there’s nothing about indoctrination going on here. If anyone’s trying to indoctrinate others, it’s people like you who go around saying, “Believe in this God who created us, because I said so!!! No proof whatsoever of its existence, just believe, JUST BELIEVEEEEE!!!!” Sorry, no can do.

  • hugh watt


    Will you offer some proof for what you believe. I’m interested in knowing why you believe we came from nothing.

    I’m not so much interested in Pavlina, but your views.

  • Matt

    I liked this post and a couple of the others. My grandmother passed away recently and I was struck at the funeral ceremony how my grandfather and other elders said ‘Amen’ after each passage with such strength. At a time when personally I was weak, they had faith, and were unwaivering in their belief. Strength in spirit seems unmatched to personal development.

    Also thinking about meaning and belief, it seems to me as if we live in and through God’s grace, we live forever. While this may not make sense physically, memories and thoughts live on, which I believe are near the root of creation. We can continue to pass on our thoughts, personalities and life to bear fruit for the future.

  • minoria-esperanto

    Hello Matt:
    I regret the passing of your dear,beloved grandmother.There is EViDENCE,what is called verifiable evidence (evidence that can be CONFIRMED)that there is life after death.It is NOT enough to establish what religion is true,or if that life after death is forever or not but it is evidence.
    GARY HABERMAS(great Christian scholar)
    For 10 years he investigated for VERIFIABLE evidence of life after death experiences and found 100 CASES that met his criteria.He wrote a book about it:”Beyond Death.”
    He is a fascinating speaker,the examples he gives grab your attention:

    CHECK OUT THE VERY FUNNY VIDEO RECENTLY MADE(about the houris and Irshad Manji and raisins).
    Believe me it is worth it:

  • luigi

    have you not read his site??? complete opposite of what your say. go be trapped in a box on a prison planet of your own creation if thats what you want. I hate religious zealots, such closed minded ignorant fools. fyi I pray nightly and BELIEVE in g so don’t you dare think I am anti religious, I am just anti Idiot.